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My wife has had several mini strokes over the past two years

Customer Question

My wife has had several mini strokes over the past two years and just recently she experienced at least 3 grand mal seizures within a 12 hour period lasting about 10 - 15 seconds each. She would convulse a little exhibited by her jaw dropping as she jerked her head to one side. The last seizure was the most disconcerting as her whole body would repeatedly convulse as she held her arms and hands curled up to her chest and she expelled air through clenched lips in short blasts where it didn't sound like she was inhaling. My only thought was to breathe into her mouth, which I did and she caught her breath and the convulsing stopped. She was groggy, slumped over, dribbling urine as I took her to the bathroom where she sat on the pot somewhat slumped over. She bit her tongue during the last major seizure so I took her to the emergency where she rested with oxygen until the emergency doctor could see her.
She was okay and responsive on the trip to the emergency and her vitals were okay. The doctor prescribed a anti-seizure medication and a antibiotic for the slight urinary infection the blood work indicated. She is type II diabetic which was about 198 according to the blood work taken at the emergency.
My question is what should be the next steps to get her the care she needs because of these recent events?
She has not experienced any of the previous incidences for the past two weeks as we wait for doctor appointments with the neurologist and the sleep testing ordered by her doctor. We will be doing a pre-sleep test this weekend because she has had terrible sleep habits for years and I can't help but think that her bad sleeping habits over the years has contributed to these major recent events over the past few years. Her neurology appointment will take almost a month before she can get in to see the neurologist.
We prefer natural nutrition, diet and vitamin/mineral supplements rather than drugs so she is not on the prescribed drugs given by the emergency doctor. She took the anti-seizure medication for just a day and went off the day after. She is not taking the antibiotic.
What should we do next?
I would appreciate any kind of directives or information to help me understand or know what is going on with my wife. She is 66, type II diabetic that she has tried to control with diet, wakes up a lot during the wee hours of the morning and can't sleep for several hours, we take liquid vitamins/minerals with added essential fatty acids, selenium, cell shield, vision x, glucogel, calcium, (Dr. Wallach's Youngevity products), she has some macular degeneration, does daily stretching exercises, doing a 'reboot your metabolism diet', stays with my stay at home daughter for safe keeping. Her mini stroke incidences exhibited dizziness, confusion, could not say what she wanted to say, incoherent speech somewhat slurred, flushed face, needing to sit down, a little bit tired after the fact, but seemed to be okay (usual self) after about 2 minutes. These mini strokes happened about every 3 to 4 months though at times she doesn't let us know when one has occurred that we have not witnessed directly.
Thank you for your time.
Mike Padeken in regards ***** ***** wife Elaine.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 2 years ago.

Hello welcome to JA

Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 2 years ago.

Hello. The scenario i perceive from your detailed statements is that your wife suffered a seizure as the result of having a urinary tract infection in the setting of microvascular disease from diabetes. Your approach to this problem would be to control the two parameters that make her vulnerable namely controlling her sugars by diet and possibly some of the newer medication to control hgba1c levels with diet. And by taking the antibiotic for the uti which gave her the stress response needed to have a seizure. Whether she additionally needs the aed or sezure med is dependent on her control of those two factors and the result of the eeg that the neurologist will order. I would suggest taking the aed until that time. If the eeg does not show tracings that suggest she has the potential to have another sezure and she is seizure free on meds then he might take her off. I hope that answers your initial question please reply for more. Rate my service by clicking on the stars if satisfied. Dr frank