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My husband is almost 61 type 2 diabetec controlled with a

Customer Question

My husband is almost 61 type 2 diabetec controlled with a 5.5 a1c. He has dropped 65 pounds in the last year due to diet change and excersise. About 8 weeks ago he started getting headaches off and on. They started at the base of his scull but now can be anywhere on his head. We went to the family dr. on September 4 2015 and he ordered an MRI of his head along with ultrasound of his carotid arteries. The MRI showed low position of tonsils but other than that no abnormalities. The ultrasound showed that the left artery may be 50-60 blocked and suggested an MRA to rule out. We were waiting for referalls to a Nuerologist but that takes 7-10 business days. In the mean time his headaches have changed. There was pressure in his head and ears and his ears were ringing worse than they ever have. He said it feels like he has ear plugs in but they are on the inside of his ears instead of the outside. I took him to the ER on September 14 th they gave him an iv with drugs. It cleared the headache but the pressure remained. Told him to follow up with Neurologist. Still waiting for refrerral. The pressure got worse so I took him to the ER in a bigger city where his referrals were coming from. Still the same Hopsital just different town. That ER doctor looked at his MRI and ultrasound and ordered the MRA. That came back fine. She refered him to an ENT. Went and saw the ENT on September 18th. He gave him a hearing test, looked in his ears, nose and throat, told him he had hearing loss (Which we already knew he had some) and said you should see a Neurologist or Opthamologist. Still waiting for the referral. Called the Opthamologist on call and explained what was going on. He looked at his MRI, Ultra Sound and MRA said that he would have ordered those tests also and that everything he was seeing was pointing to a Neurologist. Took him to the ER in the bigger city again on September 18 th because the pressure was so much he was crying. This ER Dr. called the Neurologist on call and she recommended a lumbar punch to check the spinal fluid pressure. They did that and it was an 8 not to low but still on the low side. He only feels better when he is lying down. The more he gets up and moves the more the pressure builds. She suspected a spinal leak and gave him an IV of caffine. Didn't work. She ordered a blood patch maybe seemed to help for an hour or so and was back to the pressure being up. They sent him home on pain meds and said to follow up with her on the 29th of September. The problem is it isn't really painful. Its pressure that is inside his head and he feels like he is in a dreamworld. Cant make decisisons as fast as he should be able to and is very slow to walk. He takes the pain meds only because they make him sleep and when he sleeps he doesn't think about what is going on. He is aftraid as am I.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

This is Dr. David

he could be having severe migraine headaches.

he should be trying migraine headache medications like imitrex or topamax or maxalt to see if they help.

he should get an eye fundus exam to check for Papilledema, but his spinal tap showed normal pressure.

he could be having chiari malformation with low cerebellar tonsils dipping down into the foramen magnum. spinal taps need to be avoided in patients who are at risks for chiari malfomrations and can make chiari malformations worse.

he should consult with a neurologist as well as a neurosurgeon to see if he might have chiari malformation

let me know if you have questions.