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DrRussMd, Board Certified MD
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Internal medicine doctor, diagnose and treat neurology patients, many years
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History of neck pain, severe headache, right shoulder and

Customer Question

History of neck pain, severe headache, right shoulder and right arm pain X3 months. Tried chiropractor X5 weeks, PT with traction and massage.
MRI shows
C4-5 mild spondylosis. hypertrophy of uncoverterbral process. small broad based disc protrusion resulting in mild extrinsic compression or the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. Mild facet arthropathy is present
C5-6 there is loss of disc height and desiccation present. There is hypertrophy and eversion of the uncovertebral process, right greater then left, associated with anterior and posterior spondylosis. There is broad based disc protrusion. the spondylitic disc complex results in extrinsic compression of the anterior aspect of the spinal cord and thecal sac. the protrusion extends into the right proximal neural foramina and there is neural element compromise in association with facet arthropathy
C6-7 there is loss of disc heigh and dessication is present. there is hypertrophy and eversion of the uncoverterbral processes associated with anterior and posterior spondylosis. there is a central disc extrusion that extends slightly along the superior aspect of the C7 verterbra posteriorly. Extrinsic compression of the thecal sac is present.
with these findings do you think it is safe to continue physical therapy and traction before evaluation by a neurologist? The neurologist appointment will be in over a month unless I want to "self refer", which is an option with my insurance. Do you feel these findings along with my symptoms would warrant an earlier neurologist exam? thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 2 years ago.


You need to see an MD specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

This is the specialist who can assess safety and give you the correct manual medicine program in the hopes of

avoiding surgery.

OK, so that is an initial answer….

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