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I was in an auto accident and sustained injuries to my right

Customer Question

I was in an auto accident and sustained injuries to my right hip, shoulder, and elbow. After working with an Orthopedic Doctor for about 6 months, the shoulder started to 'unlock' and the hip improvement was such that I felt that there was no appreciable
damage. As the shoulder improved mobility, it became apparent that my hand was starting to atrophy, losing muscle and strength. So I went to my Neurologist of 10 years. My relationship with the Neurologist was because in 1984 I slipped C5 and ruptured C6 (cervical
discs) spontaneously and had been under the care of a Neurologist mostly ever since. After neurological tests and physical therapy, this Neurologist informed me that there had been nerve damage to my elbow causing the atrophy through the Ulnar nerve primarily
and with some contribution from the Median nerve as well. I confirmed with him that this injury didn't trace back to my neck in any way, even though the neck problems were all on the opposite side, and he confirmed that. I subsequently hired a personal injury
lawyer based on that information for my Neurologist. The case was already complicated by the fact that I live in Texas and the accident,and therefore injury lawyer, were in Oregon. Things went down hill from there. I hired the lawyer in November, giving me
11 months to sue. The doctor then started to become non-supportive. At the lawyer's first request for information, only my chart notes were sent. And, the visit, where he told me his findings, was NOT included. Also, there was no physician's statement/summary
or any other information directly from my doctor. I complained about the information not being complete and a summary of the EMG and Nerve Conduction tests from the last time and this time were sent to my lawyer. Again, no statement from my doctor explaining
what the numbers meant. Again I complained, had words with his staff December 7, and tried to schedule, actually reschedule, an appointment with the doctor. The staff repeatedly sent my calls to their recorder and didn't return my calls. When I finally talked
to the receptionist at the beginning of February, I was informed that my Neurologist was discontinuing me as one of his patients. I received a registered letter shortly after to that affect. I had my medical records transferred to my GP only to discover that
all of the information concerning the MRI's, EMG's, and Nerve Conduction studies were NOT included. Also, my records stated that my neck injury was bi-lateral, when it's always been on one side, and the doctor confirmed that there had been little or no involvement
with the other side during our consultation on the results of the elbow damage. I told my GP that information was missing and I particularly wanted to obtain the raw data tapes from all of the EMG's and the Nerve Conduction studies so I could take them to
another Neurologist. She asked for them. His office told her office, which then told me, that he had sent those to my lawyer. That was a lie. As you can imagine, my whole injury case fell apart and I got 10k for an injury that prevents me from caring for my
property myself and no money to hire someone else to do it for me. This whole thing has put me into a serious depressed state.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.
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