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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I have been bothered for a month or more now re: hemeriod;

Customer Question

I have been bothered for a month or more now re: hemeriod; and now my upper leg / backside are in pain.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 2 years ago.

Hemorrhiod pain can radiate into the peri-anal region and even the upper buttock. it can become quite uncomfortable. If it is radiating down the leg further it is likely something else, such as sciatica.

Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 2 years ago.

Hemorrhoids are treated with stool softeners, warm sitz baths, anti-inflammatories and cortisone suppositories. In recalcitrant cases, they may need to be banded or surgically removed. Sciatica is a nerve irritation that often starts from the lumbar region and comes and goes. It is treated with stretching, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories and avoiding hard surfaces. In recalcitrant cases, lumbar x-rays or MRI are needed to rule out a herniated disc.