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I am a 49 year old woman. I had lasik June 2013 and I was given

Customer Question

I am a 49 year old woman. I had lasik June 2013 and I was given monovision. 7 weeks later I had horrific eye pain. I could tolerate NO light whatsoever. Went to lasik and ophthalmologist treated me for iritis by giving my steroid drops. It kept recurring with a vengeance until October when I was told they can no longer treat me and I need to see my primary care because it's possibly systemic. Saw rheumy and nothing remarkable from exam and labs. I'd be okay for awhile, then I'd have a flare up. It was never mild. Eventually in July 2014 saw an eye specialist. I literally went back and forth for 10 days because every time I had a flare up he'd have me come in immediately. He got records from LASIK and said this never was iritis and for as many episodes I've had her be able to see signs of it in my eyes. He determined this was a brain problem and said I need an brain MRI with orbits. Anyway Neuro dismissed white matter as migraines and I asked for EEG which came back abnormal and he dismissed it. He was useless, and said my stiff neck and right side pain was from migraines. I actually couldn't turn my head right for a whole week and had to take 800 Motrin to cope with incessant pain. Went to Chiro and they said it seems neurological. PC doctor sent me to physical therapy cuz my neck MRI is a mess. Nothing helped. I was referred to Neuro ophthalmologist and he did oct and vep vep came back abnormal in left eye amplitudes issue. He dismissed it all to migraine syndrome and sent me on my way with Rx. This was in the fall. Had genetic blood test for sarcoid nmo gene Ana etc. nothing remarkable except extremely low vitamin D was "16". Was told to take 5000 D3. Anyway i took supplements and migraine Rx and was doing ok until the season changed in the spring 2015. Nerve pain and spasms in legs and arms. Could not tolerate sun withour triggering eye pain orbit pain and facial pain. Was sent to ms specialist who saw me previously. Had brain MRI this time T3 with contrast and found 5 white lesions. Radiologist said results were still within differential dx for myelination, so shouldn't rule it out even though Not classic ms. Constant nerve pain off and on in extremities and back pain. I eat healthy and I'm not overweight. The main is moderate she comes and goes. Now that it's summer my eyes twitch and hurt when outside with dark sunglasses for only a few minutes. Retested vep and came back left eye nerve slow transmission "myelin sheath" and thinning of retina nerve fiber (pretty much same as previous VEP BUT THIS TIME Neuro Opth used his new fancy equipment. Still waiting for LP appt. spinal MRI came out clean. Except lots of home deterioration in cervix which I already knew. Thoracic clean spinal cord clean. She thinks it's unlikely MS because it's not classic ms. I've had no accidents or injuries. My cognitive functions and memory are noticeable off (family observed). Can't perform tandem gait test and signs of subtle tremors in hands when arm is extended. I get exhausted easily. Went to ER in December 2014 because of tight chest and shortness of breathe. They did catscan on lungs and heart with no sign of sarcoid. My ms Neuro does not know what is caused the optic nerve low amplitude and damage to sheath, but she's leaning away from MS. By the way, I've had problems with incontinence for 10 years and I have had mono as an adult in my later 30s. Labs normal. Waiting for LP, but even if it's clear she still has to figure out what is causing these problems even though they've been pretty much static since 2014. I'm frustrated. Any ideas of what could be going on. She's done all kinds of odd blood work and NOTHING. My eye pain is off and on all day. I rarely want to go outside. I'm afraid of getting the horrific eye pain attacks like last summer. Very dark shades help. By the way, had a hearing test cvs hubby noticed my hearing declining and for the past two months I use closed caption while watching tv. Mild to moderate hearing loss in right ear---in low tones. Any idea what I should do next? Second opinion? I don't have confidence in my Neuro ophthalmologist.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 2 years ago.
do you have any other medical issues?