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Dr. David
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Doctor,I am writing you during another too frequent

Customer Question

Hello Doctor,
I am writing you during another too frequent sleepless night.
I have had chronic shoulder/neck pain for 3 years now.
After a huge list of test, I am left with little information.
An MRI was done showing a minor stenosis under L5. I have a congenital cervical fusion in this area.
A steroid injection was done in between the vertebra with no improvements. They concluded it was not the problem. They said that the steroid infiltration should have helped had this been the problem.
I also got into 2 car accidents (minor but with whiplash)
The pain gets worse at night and with heat.
It seems I get heat sensitive at night. Being hot when others feel "fine" or cold.
There is diabetes in my family but it does not seem I have it.
I have seen so many doctors, I feel out of option.
The only thing helping is drugs like Norco or stronger. Tramadol has little to no effect.
Nerve testing show no problem, Doppler in the scapula area ruled out an outlet syndrome.
When I go see a generalist, he looks At me like I am an addict when asking for pain killers.
I need some to get a rest and I need to find a solution to the problem as I do not see myself living life hooked on pain medication.
What type of doctor would you recommend I see?
(I tried Physical therapy, acupuncture, steroid injection, massages, osteopathie, saw a nurologue).
I also did a sleep study showing some sleep apnea but I do not think this is the cauSe of my pain.
I am a 31 year old man, 5"8, 170 pounds.
Sorry for my confusion and bad explanation.
It is late and I am writing this as I remember everything I tested for.
The pain feels like something is stuck under my shoulder blade. My whole body sometimes feels like all the muscles are contracted, with the feeling that I cannot relax them. I am also an anxious person.
Could I be "imagining" this very real pain?
If nothing physical shows, could it be a "phantom"pain?
If you have any ideas or recommendation, it will be gladly appreciated.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
you need blood testing to check thyroid hormone levels which can cause you to feel hot at night time. you could have hyperthyroidism.
you need an MRI scan of your cervical neck spine, not your lower back if you are having neck and shoulder pain.
have you had an MRI scan with contrast of your neck?
you could also be grinding your teeth at night time. you need to get a bite guard for your mouth to wear at night when you sleep.
if you have excessive anxiety symptoms, you need to talk to your doctor about therapy to help decrease anxiety. there are medications which can help decrease anxiety.
are you on medications to help decrease anxiety?