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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Neurologist (MD)
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Neurosurgeon - Brain, spine, and peripheral nerve surgery
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Would appreciate your opinion I have been having episodes

Customer Question

Hi Dr...
Would appreciate your opinion I have been having episodes (feels like a seizure) on and off for many years with the intensity increasing in the last 12 months these episodes make me feel confused,spacey,and unable to think clearly on things that I should know I like the way to drive home,or if my car takes leaded or unleaded petrol...I feel very spacey and not clear,i have noticed lately being unable to spell when I am writing words that are simple and I should know,I also experience blurry and sometimes double vision,and only in the last couple of weeks have had times during an episode where I have been stumbling over my words.When this first started the episodes were only every now and then (15 years ago)but now I have serious problems getting through the day,and my memory also seems to be effected,lots of things bring it on low blood sugar,lights,coming out of the cinema,to name a few.I have also experienced a lot of muscle twitching and strong jerks especially in my hands
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
do you have a history of excessive anxiety symptoms? excessive anxiety can cause panic attacks which can feel like seizures and also cause brain fog and difficulty thinking clearly and benign fasiculations and benign muscle twitching right under the skin.
excessive fatigue and dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause benign twitching and benign fasciculations as well.
I am glad you have a doctor and are getting your heart checked. it sounds like you have seen several doctors already.

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