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I am a 75 yr. old female with sudden symptoms 2 months ago

Customer Question

I am a 75 yr. old female with sudden symptoms 2 months ago vertigo, migraine, vomiting, I've been in a chronic state since then with dizziness, fluctuating heart rate, fluctuating blood pressure, heat intolerance, chronic fatigue, cognitive and memory loss, joint and muscle problems.unsteadiness, unbalance, use a walker, can't drive. also easily dehydrated It's been debilitating. TIA ruled out on Brain MRI. It demonstrated "few scattered nonspecific foci of inreased T2 signal in cerebral white matter." I just had an echocardiogram and have appt. with Cardiologist. I read a website on POTS and Dysautonomia and I thought it fit with my symptoms. My neurologist told me the MRI was OK. I'd like to know if the findings on the MRI mean anything considering my symptoms. All of my symtoms cannot be age related especially since I was able bodied before this onset except for fibromyalgia.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 2 years ago.

Areas of increased T2 signal on MRI are very common and non-specific. Sometimes they correlate with clinical symptoms and sometimes they don't. The effects of such areas of inflammation or scarring can be highly variable depending on where in the brain they are located. In any event, they have probably been present for a long time, months to years, and may not explain your current constellation of symptoms. Dysautonomia would certainly be possible though this does not usually result in joint and muscle problems. One way to put it all together, along with your history or fibromyalgia, would be an auto-immune or auto-inflammatory process, which can affect all bodily systems, including the brain. If you are working with a rhuematologist, you should check in with him or her as soon as you can for further testing and to fashion a treatment plan.

Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 2 years ago.
Hi there. Do you have any follow up questions? Let me know if you do and I would be happy to help further.