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My son is 15 and seeing a tutor. We are having problems and

Customer Question

My son is 15 and seeing a tutor. We are having problems and have always had problems with him being able to follow direction. He was diagnosed in 7th grade as having ADD, he was put on Strattera and that did not seem to help just make him tired and withdrawn
and emotional so we took him off. He Recently started seeing a tutor and she said he should see a doctor that he does ot seem to be able to connect things, and that he can draw conclusions from facts. So much so that she had never seen anything quite like
it. He is a mellow kid who has a lot of friends and plays sports. He does not self advocate for himself at all especially when it comes to teachers... I pulled all of his test scores and found that on the CogAT test (Grade one) he scored higher then 86% on
verbal and nonverbal but 40% for the quantitive ability PSAT Scored average but in Organization and ideas 0, Reasoning and Inference 1 out of 8, and relationships of Sentences and Paragraphs 0....his highest score was in data statistics and probability scoring
3/4 I plan on taking him to his doctor but would like someone to provide information that these characteristics may fall in line with a learning disability or neurological disorder not sure if they are on in the same)
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 2 years ago.


You can not draw medical conclusions from this test, or they would have told you.

He first needs to see a urologist [if he has seen is doctor already.]

Asberger's is one possibility.

But there are probably many others.

A PhD psychologist is another possible place to start.