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Sore area in throat with new bump

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I had a bad cold a month ago with the usual sinus drainage, congestion, throat irritation, etc. That cleared in about a week then I noticed a slight burning irritation in my mouth on one side where the back of my tongue rubs against the anterior faucial pillar. There is now a small, raised red lesion with a partial larger white circle around it. When touched it feels like nerves which extend into my neck. The Anterior faucial pillar is very red over the arch. I have no pain swallowing or pushing on the outside of my neck, just a burning sensation. Any ideas as to what this may be?


Sore throat - Eric Carel

Have you had a culture
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No culture. No fever, minimal if no lymph node swelling, 47 yrs old so not really a candidate for Strep. Concerned about the small bump that has appeared at the center of the irritation (See pix - on the right side of picture at base of tongue)

This type of bump is common, any source of inflammation can cause it.
I do not see it as a concern.

Garggle with salt water
Give it one week.
IF not better, you will need an exam and culture.

That would still be my preference today, that it is done today.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
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