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My knee swelled up on Thursday and has gone down today...

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My knee swelled up on Thursday and has gone down today... This A.M. when I went to sit down something popped on the back side of my knee and now my heel and across my foot to my big toe is numb and tingling?
Welcome to Just Answer. I am an Adult Neurologist and was contacted to answer your question.
Hello. What you are describing is consistent with compression of the tibial nerve in the posterior area of your knee. This can happen as the knee joint swells, there is a condition called Baker Cyst, that is commonly seen in patients that are overweight, with knee problems.
In that condition, if you feel behind your knee, you might feel a lump which would be the synovial membrane of the cyst, and it might be tender. Please get back to me to discuss if I can help, or rate my service if satisfied. Dr Frank t
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
There is no cyst on the back side of my knee... What do I need to do to get he tingling and numbness to go away? The swelling in my knee has gone away now.
This popping sound, the pain you have above your knee (quadriceps tendonitis?) and below your knee (hamstring tendonitis?) and the calf pain all suggests a general inflammatory process. You need to continue with RICE, rest, ice, compression (knee brace) and elevation. You should be taking an NSAID like Aleve, there is a topical NSAID called Voltaren gel 5%, that you can rub into the tendons that are tender, and behind your knee, to reduce the inflammation which is effecting your nerve to your heel/foot.

So symptomatic treatment, use the Ice, then a whirlpool alternating if this is 48 hours or more old. Get back to me if I can help Dr Frank T
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