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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
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MRI Brain without contrast Clinical History: Fall. Headaches

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MRI Brain without contrast
Clinical History: Fall. Headaches
Multiple images are obtained in multiple planes using multiple pulse sequences. Comparsion: None
The ventricles are normal in size and configuration. No mass effect or midline shift is present. There are a few punctate foci of increased signal on long TR images in the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres. These are nonspecific in etiology but may be related to Lyme Disease, migraine headaches, or other demyelinating processes. Be are most likely incidental findings. No extra-axial fluid collections or mass lesions are visualized. The sellar region, craniovertebral junction, paranasal sinuses and orbits are unremarkable.
Impression: Few punctate foci of increased signal on long TR images thie white matter post triple hemispheres. These are most likely incidental findings but see above for discussion.
My question is what would be your next step after reading this report if I was your patient? I have been tested for Lyme disease recently which is negative. (I have had a couple bands positive in the past but they said it was negative) I do have TMJ could that be related. Are any further tests needed and is this serious and could someday kill me if it continues?
Optional Information:
Person's Gender: Male
Person's Age: 22
What have you tried so far?: nothing
healthydoc : Hello and thank you for your question. I would do absolutely nothing at this time because they are so small and non specific. I would repeat the MRI in 6-12 months to see if there is any change and if not forget about it. Should in no way be related to TMJ
Customer: Thank you very much that puts my mind at ease should the follow up mri be with contrast or anything specific . Should I be tested for Lyme? This doesn't resemble ms does it?
healthydoc : No, not classic of MS. You can try a Lyme blood test but it'll prob be normal.
Customer: Okay thank you for your help.
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