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dr-megasmart, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board-certified neurologist with 21 years experience. Advanced training in epilepsy, stroke, and critical care neurology
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I have been having pain in my right hip and right knee for

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I have been having pain in my right hip and right knee for several years. I hav recently seen a Bone specialist and he saysI have some bone spurs on my hip. They gave me a cortisone injection last week with a lidocain injection for local pain. When I got up from the table I had no pain nd walked completely normal. I thought it was a good sign but when the Lidocain wore off the pain returned. The pain is in the sciatic nerve in the center of my right butt cheek only when I walk. No pain while sitting of lying down. I have also been seeing a Chiropractor for pain relief. I'm afraid the bone spurs may be damaging the nerve. What do I need to do?????
dr-megasmart :

Hi, sorry to hear of your pain. The fact the cortisone injection helped indicates that your pain is due to muscle/tendon inflammation possibly irritating the sciatic nerve. The best thing to do is to have your primary doctor refer you to a neurologist who can perform electrodiagnostic studies of your legs, comprising nerve conduction studies and needle electromyography since these will show whether or not there is possible nerve damage. If so, then a MRI or CT of your lower back may be helpful to determine if the pain could be due to a pinched nerve. I don't think the bone spurs are causing your discomfort because if this were the case you would continue to have pain despite the cortisone injection. Hope this info helps.

JACUSTOMER-tn5puckc- :

The pain is still very much there every time I take a step. I quit hurting because of the local Lidocaine injection. Once that wore off a few hours later the sam nerve pain returned when I walked. I don't feel the cortiszone shot helped at all. Do you still feel that a neurogist is the route that I need to take?

dr-megasmart :

Hi, I'm sure you had this but did the orthopedic surgeon do x-rays of your hip and knee, or CT of these areas to be sure you don't have more advanced arthritis or even a small fracture (which can be missed on x-rays). If the bone specialist says there is nothing wrong with these areas then a neurologist could do the electrical studies to make sure you haven't developed neuropathy. One particular diagnosis you can mention to the bone specialist is pyriformis syndrome whcih is a painful condition involving the periformis muscle in the hip region which can cause your symptoms. Another potential avenue of treatment would be PT (although you didn't get any relief from the chiropractor) for evaluation. Hope this additional info helps.

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