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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board Certified U.S. Neurologist
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After being treated for a neuroma between the 2nd & 3rd toes

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After being treated for a neuroma between the 2nd & 3rd toes ( furthuer down into the foot) for 18 months by cortisone injection it was determined that was not working. Neurolysis was then started and five injections were given over several months. the pain persisted in that area AND i still had pain BELOW my big toe around the big flat part you walk on. I had mentioned this several times but appeared to just fall on deaf ears. When the neuralysis did not appear to be working after 5 shots my Dr. suggested an MRI. It showed a broken sesamoid bone and NO neuroma was found. He put me in an air cast. I've been wearing it now for 2 months... No improvement. I've heard some correlations between neurology and feet. Any thoughts. Please help. I do live close enough to go see someone in Boston!!
healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question.

healthydoc :

You mentioned that you have a broken sesamoid bone?

healthydoc :

If so what are your symptoms?

Customer: Yes confirmed by*****s
healthydoc :

okay. Is movement of big toe limited?

healthydoc :

As you have tried the medications and shots the only option can be surgery.

healthydoc :

Bone removal surgery can help to remove the broken bone.

healthydoc :

When a sesamoid bone is broken , surgery may be done to remove the broken pieces. To remove the sesamoid on the inside edge of the foot, an incision is made along the side of the big toe. The soft tissue is separated, taking care not to damage the nerve that runs along the inside edge of the big toe.

Customer: What more would you suggest I try at this point? I am in a lot of pain the area where the ? Neuroma was/ is , is very painful and especially the pad below the big toe.
healthydoc :

Surgery is your best option at this point.

Customer: I do have fibromyalgia, Klipple Trenaunay syndrome if this would have any effect on it. But the other leg is the one effected with the Klipple Trenaunay
healthydoc :

For Klipple trenaunay syndrome usually compression stockings along with medications and iron supplements are prescribed.

Customer: Surgery on what? Exploratory or to remove part of the sesamoid that may have broken off or to also look for a small pinched nerve that does not show on the MRI ?
healthydoc :

Not likely fibromyalgia or Klipple Trenaunay syndrome is not related to such pain.

healthydoc :

Surgery to remove the sesamoid bone.

Customer: Doing all that for many, many years... Was cardiac coordinator
Customer: Any side effects expected from that?
healthydoc :

Than you can try Endovenous thermal ablation.

Customer: ???
healthydoc :

You have two seperate issues in both legs.

Customer: Yes
healthydoc :

No side effect but after bone graft surgery Patients usually wear a cast for up to four weeks. Then they wear a short walking cast for another two months, at which time active exercises can start.

Customer: I have pre osteoporosis will that effect the graft?
healthydoc :

No not likely as in this surgery they are removing the bone itself.

Customer: Thank you for your time. You were very helpful have a good day!
healthydoc :

You're welcome.

healthydoc :

If you have no further questions than please rate my answer positively.

healthydoc :

Thank you.

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