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dr-megasmart, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board-certified neurologist with 21 years experience. Advanced training in epilepsy, stroke, and critical care neurology
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Awaiting testing - prelim diagnosis - narcolepsy - CPA burn

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awaiting testing - prelim diagnosis - narcolepsy - CPA burn candle at both ends. Spent 2-3 hrs today asleep - can't get work done. What is long term prognosis?
Hi, with treatment (usually a stimulant medication like Ritalin), your prognosis should be good assuming he has no other medical problems which can affect your energy like medication effects, sleep apnea syndrome, pain, and other medical conditions. Out of curiosity, are you now getting this diagnosis or did you have it when you were younger?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just occured! Arranging attp with area neuologist who specialzes in sleep
disorders in near future. Now occuring several times per day. Fell asleep
2x tonight while trying to teach. Got letter from State of Oregon
suspending driviny

It is very unusual for someone at your age to be developing narcolepsy since this disorder by and large begins in childhood or early adulthood. Was the narcolepsy diagnosed by a sleep study, specifically a test called multiple sleep latency since this is the only sleep study that can diagnose narcolepsy. The symptoms associated with this condition are usually the following: 1) sleep paralysis where you can't move temporarily usually right after you wake up, lasting for just a few sec until you're fully awake, 2) cataplexy which means you suddenly lose tone and become weak falling to the floor, 3) sudden urges to take napts, and 4) hallucinations going to or waking up from sleep - as if you're still in a dream. Are these the types of symptoms you've been experiencing?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Have had issue for several months where I fall asleep in evening - developing sleep paralysis. Two weeks ago, this occurred & wife tried for a reported 30-40 min to awaken me to no avail. She called paramedics when she became concerned. I remember her talking to me and calling 911, waiting for the paramedic and when he showed up. No recollection of any attempt to awaken. Also vividly recall nuns in habits "Circa sound of music" in the room. Eventually awakened. Went to ER then ICU for 2 days. Went thru this same process several times-fell asleep while someone was talking to me-sleep paralysis, vivid dreams, lasted 10-15 min. That evening & drank about 6 oz of red wine & did about 3 hits on bong. Had worked very hard for about 3 weeks-60+hrs, testified at stressful trial (I'm also a forensic accountant), lost my computer at most inopportune time & had to replace that weekend. At hospital, I slept about 30 hrs. Docs visually confirmed REM & checked for seizure. About 1/2 the time, my O2 sat went < 80%. Did echo cardiogram & CAT scan - no apparent problem. 1st blood test after admission, cardiac marker enzyme was present at minimal level, but did not reappear.

Have been having some sleep paralysis as you describe but wake up right away - have not fallen; but, felt as though I might. Sudden urges to nap Hallucinations waking up occasionally - very vivid &, at least before the most recent couple of weeks - either intently violent or sexual in nature.

I've started dealing with a new local pharmacist - I'm going down to see him in a few minutes & ask him to review my meds from his perspective. Planning on the sleep studies within the next month as schedules permit.

Hi, I apologize for not getting back to you earlier today. I think the sleep study is the right approach. Hopefully this will provide the answer. Good luck!

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