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dr-megasmart, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board-certified neurologist with 21 years experience. Advanced training in epilepsy, stroke, and critical care neurology
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I was my in an auto accident in 2002 in which I broke the

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I was my in an auto accident in 2002 in which I broke the 6th and 7th vertebrae in my neck. I have permanent nerve and muscle damage in my hands and legs. We moved last June and I did something to make the pain in my right thigh much worse than it had been. It has been getting progressively worse.

This muscle has given me problems since my accident because when I went through rehab, the person working with me had me on my back lifting weights by pushing somethig like a break pedal with my legs and he had me lifting more weight with my right leg than my left leg. While I was very careful during our move, I evidently did something to my right thigh muscle but I have no way of finding out because I have a defib and cannot have an MRI.

Is it possible that steriods would help heel the muscle. I have been to many Doctors since my accident and they keep prescribing muscle relaxers. The thigh muscle in my right leg feels like it it torn and it also is very weak. What is really hard to understand is the pain is very intense but it doesn't last but a few minutes. It is getting harder and harder for me to walk upstairs or kneel down.

Can you help.

dr-megasmart :

Hi, you likely developed a tear in the muscle from the way your leg was manipulated during PT, causing a localized myopathy to the affected muscle. Were any of the MDs you saw a neurologist. One test to confirm muscle damage is called needle electromyography in which the neurologist inserts a small needle into the muscle and looks for abnormalities which can help to pinpoint the diagnosis. Another test is a muscle ultrasound to look for inflammation in the affected muscle. From the description of your symptoms it is unlikely that you suffered additional damage to your neck. Interestingly, depending upon the pacemaker, some hospitals have MRI machines which are compatible with pacemakers. I think for now you should ask your primary MD if there is a specialist, usually a radiologist or orthopedic surgeon, who does muscle ultrasound. If you saw a neurologist already then inquire into the EMG. I think either or both of these tests will provide the answer you're looking for. Good luck!


You did not answer my question as to whether or not steriods might help in healing the muscle. I know some steriods are harmful to the heart and since I have had heart problems, I certainly do not want to add to these problems. we h ave some big hospiitals in Charleston including the Medical University of South Carolina. I would think if any hospital has an MRI that is compatible with Defibs. that MUSC would have this type of machine.

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Hi, I'm sorry I didn't mention the steroids. Whether or not this medication would help you depends upon what the muscle ultrasound and/or electrical studies show. In general, however, steroids are usually not all that helpful unless there is some inflammation in the muscle or tendon in which case it can be injected. But I wouldn't do this without further studies to show this because otherwise you might have side effects from the steroid without clear benefit.