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Dr. Mark
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I have had what I would consider minor arthritic problems with

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I have had what I would consider minor arthritic problems with my neck and back for approx 6 years. Been going to the chiropractor for manipulations every 6 months and this has seemed to have given me relief . However in the past 3 to 4 months I have noticed the stiffness in my back worsening. With various bodily movements I am experiencing numbness and tingling in different parts of my legs and arms. Lately I have been experiencing vertigo and a strong sensation of pressure in my ears. My every instinct is telling me this is coming from something pinching in my neck. In fact the longer this all goes on the more my instincts say all my symptoms are caused by nerves pinching in my spine. I have been to a doctor and she is referring me to a rheumatologist. On speaking with my chemist he is certain that I should be seeing a neurologist. Please give me your opinion ???
From what you describe, a neurologist is the person that should be evaluating you.

Issues with numbness and tingling to suggest nerve related issues.

Vertigo could be an issue with the inner ear, or a brain issue (but not from the spine). Nevertheless, this is also a potential neurologic issue.

Of course, if your doctor feels that much of your symptoms could be coming from a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, then a rheumatologist is best to evaluate you.

But given your symptoms, I probably would want to get a MRI of your cervical spine (at least) to evaluate for the potential of cervical spinal cord compression which could be responsible for many of the arm and leg symptoms.
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