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I am 67 years old, with type 2 diabetes. About a year ago I

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I am 67 years old, with type 2 diabetes. About a year ago I started having a burning sensation on my right upper leg. It was about the size of a dollar bill and lasted about 30 minutes 3-4 x/day. Within the past couple months the sensation is almost constant and now radiates between my hip and knee on the outside of my right leg. My GP had tests to rule out circulation issues and I will be seeing a neurologist next week. What are the potential issues causing this? I'm scheduled to start a new job on Monday and am wondering if maybe I should delay the start. Or, maybe stay "retired." What are your thoughts on this.
Issues with pain or altered sensations on the outside of the leg often have to do with a "pinched" nerve in the lower back.
Specifically, the L5 nerve (Lumbar nerve #5), when irritated, can cause pain which appears to radiate from the back, outside of the hip, then the lateral (outside) aspect of the thigh to the knee, and then down the front of the lower leg.
So, based on the examination with the neurologist, they may want to get a MRI of the lumbar spine to look for an issue with a disc hernation at L4-L5 in your lumbar spine.
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