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I hit the top left of my head hard on a metal towel rod. I

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I hit the top left of my head hard on a metal towel rod. I am a 59 year old female. I did not lose consciousness, pierce the skin, or feel dizzy. I took two advil. It still stings after 45 minutes. Any other suggestions?
The fact that you did not lose consciousness and otherwise feel OK is a good sign.
Certainly, the top of your head will hurt (due to swelling in the scalp itself) for a day or two, and that is completely normal.
The signs to watch out for would be a worsening headache, nausea with vomiting, confusion...and with serious head injuries and bleeds this often occurs in the first few hours of the head injury. Certainly if any of that starts to happen, going to the ER is best where a CT scan of the head would be done.
However, hitting the head as you did often does not cause enough injury to be anything significant. People that are in high speed car accidents, or falls from height (like off the roof) have a much higher chance of a significant injury.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I guess it is not okay to lie down for a rest for at least 6 hours afterwards? With thanks.
Resting or not has nothing to do with progression of a head injury.Certainly if there is any concern, having someone check on you regularly is important (to make sure you aren't becoming more confused, nauseated, etc...) over the next few hours.But typically, with a minor bump to the head (as would be from this type of injury) there isn't much risk for a serious head injury.So resting is fine. Just have someone check in with you every couple of hours to be safe.

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