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Hello I am being told that I half to have Discectomy and

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I am being told that I half to have Discectomy and fusion of c4-c5.MRI
Multilevel significant central canal and neural foramina stenosis.Including severe central canal stenosis C4 - C5 with mass effect on cervical spinal cord and moderate central canal stenosis C4-C5.
My question is Do I really need OR ? Any idea what will happen if I don't.
EMG, DEXA scan,Pain clinic ,Neurosurgery, Rhuematology all involved or done.Care at Loma Linda VA.
I am 56,a bedside RN,BMI 24,still active.

Just based on your MRI report, I would say yes.

The important statement is "mass effect on the cervical spinal cord". This is saying that the disc herniation you have at C4-C5 is pressing into the spinal cord significantly.

While you may not feel very many symptoms, or they may be mild -- the issue here is with protecting your spinal cord from further damage.

At the very worst, any neck injury, such as falling down the stairs, or getting into a car accident, etc...can result in paralysis with your MRI report. While it is, of course, impossible to predict if you will be getting into a car accident, or any other accident that could put your spinal cord at risk -- the fact that there is pressure on your spinal cord makes this very risky to ignore it.

I would also recommend surgery in this instance.

I doubt you would find any doctor that would say otherwise, given your MRI report. This is simply too potentially dangerous to ignore.
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