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I had a operation for a strangulated hernia in the groin 3

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I had a operation for a strangulated hernia in the groin 3 years ago, it has been successful so far, is it possible to re-occur in the same place, and if it did, how would i know? I went to the toilet a couple of days ago, and think I may have strained myself, I have no pain, but have had nausea, and diarrhea for the last 12 hours. Should I visit my doctor, apart from that I also suffer with colitis and take pentasa,so sometimes things can be a little irregular, I don't want to waste anyones time, so just wondered if you can advise me, thankyou. Susan


Yes, while it is possible for a hernia to recur in the same place, it would seem to be less likely given that you had a successful repair that has held up for three years.

But, it certainly can be possible, and if you are feeling a new "lump" in that area of your incision, then certainly visiting your doctor for an exam would be helpful. Especially if that lump is associated with worsening pain in that area (which you don't have).

The diarrhea probably points more toward the other medical conditions than a strangulated hernia, but again, if you are feeling worse, having your doctor just examine you is helpful, even if it is for a worsening of the colitis.

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