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I had severe trauma from a heavy slim bar to above my left

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I had severe trauma from a heavy slim bar to above my left knee 4 months ago and continue to have loss of sensation to my knee and just below. Some swelling around the area of the trauma (scar tissue) and below the knee remains. What is the most useful way to try to aid recovery and can I expect to get sensation back? Is there a cut off time when I may expect that it may never return. The function of my knee is fine and I exercise regularly.
Thank you so much

Has a doctor seen and evalauted you for this issue?

Is the area of numbness more toward the outside and front of the knee or shin?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your communication.

I attended the minor injuries unit (nurse led) and had an x-ray initially - no bony injury. She gave me a course of Fluclux as i had grazes and the area was very hot / inflamed. I saw the GP a month on as the area was so tight with fluid - I was reassured that time would heal.

I visited the GP again 1 month ago as I felt the joint was warm - she gave me some more fluclux and referred me to the physio. The physio gave me one treatment of Ultrasound to try and disperse the scar tissue (evident as a lump lower thigh above the knee) before I went on holiday and asked me to get back in touch if it persisted - I have been back from holiday for a couple of weeks but I have not been back in touch with him as I am not sure it will assist.

The numbness is mainly directly over the knee cap and down towards the shin and to the right of the knee (inside).

Hope this helps.

with kind regards


Thanks for the information.

The numbness in the knee area and down towards the shin appears to be nerve related -- specificially the peroneal nerve which travels on around the outside of the knee -- goes in this area.

It is fairly common to have numbness the way you describe after an injury that affects the outside of the knee, because this peroneal nerve can be affected by the direct injury, or the swelling which occurs after the injury, or scar tissue pushing on the nerve.

Given that this has been 4 months now, with numbness persisting, there may have been injury to the nerve during the initial trauma, or scar tissue still pressing on this nerve. A diagnosis can be made with a physical exam, and a nerve conduction test to check the function of the nerve.

It is hard to know if this will improve, because if there was a direct injury to the nerve in the trauma, it may not return. If it is scar tissue or something else putting pressure on the nerve, then it may improve.

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