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I wonder if you could help me before i drive myself mad. I

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Hi, i wonder if you could help me before i drive myself mad.
I am a 32 year old female who got married a month ago and does suffer from Generalised anxiety disorder (hoping this is the cause of my symptoms)
But many years ago, i was complaining that my eye feels "numb" i went to a opthalmologist who examined my eyes and said there is nothing wrong. Since then, over the years i have had episodes of a numb feeling in my left eye and my left arm feeling weak. I have notified my gynae of this as well as my pulminologist and opthalmologist and they all agreed i go off my pill which i have now done for three years and my symptoms still disappear and come back. I am currently experincing the symptoms but now my left leg is also feeling weak and i am absolutely petrified i have ms. i have an appointment with a neurologist but only for the 15 October. Please help.


Well, given that you are very anxious about a possible diagnosis, when you discuss with your neurologist about your concerns, they will probably get a MRI of the brain.

This test will be able to see if you have MS or not. The test is to look for MS "lesions" or "plaques" in the brain, which would be characteristic for this condition.

And, with a neurologic exam, the neurologist will be able to better help evalaute your symptoms, which may have nothing to do with MS at all, and ensure there aren't any other potential diagnoses as well -- and it is very possible that your anxiety is just exacerbating symptoms which aren't a part of any medical condition.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr

Thank you very much for the response.

However, do my symptoms present those of someone with MS?

And how close are Dr's in finding a cure for the disease?

Well, the symptoms of MS can be any number of neurologic symptoms, so people can have numbness, or weakness, or eye pain as part of their typical symptoms.

But your symptoms are not specific for MS at all.

As for a cure - there is a lot of research for the condition ongoing, and the medications they have today are quite good at helping to "control" the disease, but as it is today, there still is no cure, and the condition does still progress with time. But I would expect over the next 20 years we will see a significant amount of progress with every medical condition, and even potential cures for some.

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