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I have a pain in my right leg and right harm and i am having

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I have a pain in my right leg and right harm and i am having the occasional strange feeling in them too. For example sometimes it feels like their is an elastic band on my arm and my leg feels sort of heavy and i get a sort of wave like feeling going through my calf muscle. Do you think it is a neurological problem?


When people have pain and/or strange sensations in a specific part of the leg (or arm), it often is due to a neurologic cause.

The issue with the calf and leg is often because a specific nerve is being irritated -- the lower lumbar (in the lower back) nerves, called "radiculopathy", and can cause pain that appears to be in the legs.

For example, irritation of the S1 nerve root, often called "sciatica" - can cause pain that appears to be in the back of the leg, down into the calf, and into the foot. This may be what you are experiencing.

Arm sensations can come from issues in the arm or neck.

Certainly, if this does not improve on it's own over a few weeks, having your doctor examine you would be helpful.

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