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I had a disk replacement 5 years ago (titanium)... did quite

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Hi my name is ***** ***** I had a disk replacement 5 years ago (titanium)... did quite well but had to return for pain treatment ( cortisone injection into back of neck)... lasted well and only started serious pain again 7 months ago... really bad....
Returned to Neurosugeon who did MRI and suggested cotisone again... this tim they injected on each side of neck... never heled at all and was told to come in for a facet rhizotomy from C3 - C7 under anaesthetic.... this was done 12 days ago.... I am in even more pain after procedure and after phoning my doctors rooms was informed that pain can take up to 6 weeks to go.... I am not the kind of person to complain and stay away from doctos if I can help it .... but I can almost not function.... is this normal !!! please help me ......... ( extra info MRI report stated that there was an Hemangioma on T1 and a lot of degenaration...? but this does not seem to concern my Neurosurgeon)


The procedure you had, the rhizotomies, often does cause more pain in the initial days, as they essentially "burn" the nerves located on the joints of the spine, and the resulting inflammation from the procedure can cause more pain.

However, the theory is that after this inflammation calms down, the neck pain should be better (if this was the culprit for your neck pain in the first place).

I would continue to take your pain medication, and try to give it a bit more time before concluding if this procedure worked for you or not.

The hemangioma is simply a collection of blood vessels within the bone, and generally a normal finding, and not a cause for pain.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much... receptionist at doctors rooms said it could take up to two weeks ... and it has been 12 days so I was so worried ! it is really so painful !

Have a good day

Kind regards


Remember everyone is different, so the actual time can vary.

Best of luck to you.

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