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3 months ago I had a motorcycle accident with no visible

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3 months ago I had a motorcycle accident with no visible signs of injury tomy left leg. As time progressed it is getting more difficult and painfull to cross my left leg over the right especially when putting on socks and shoes


When you mention that this is more difficult and painful -- where in the leg are you having the pain?

Is it shooting from the buttock into the back of the leg, into the calf and foot?

Is it the front of the thigh, and shin? Is it just the knee area? Something else?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The pain is in the front of the thigh only. There appears to be no pain in the hip, knee or calf area. It is when the thigh muscle is atretched when I put my left foor over my right knee and I LEAN FORWARD TO PUT ON MY SOCK.I can put my foot over the knee with minimul pain but it increases greatly as I lean forward.

Do you have any pain in the thigh if you actually press or squeeze these areas on the thigh?

Can you make the pain come if you are standing and lean forward (such as bending and "touching your toes)?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

If I twist my leg so that my left heal goes inward I can cause some pain in my thigh. It is not sensitive to touch or contact including hitting it.


Well, pain on the front of the thigh only could be an issue with a particular nerve irritation.

One of the more common reasons for front of the thigh pain is meralgia paresthetica:

and could be something that your doctor can look into.

Another potential issue is with your nerve getting "pinched" in the lower back, as a nerve issue at L3 or L4 can often cause front of the thigh pain as well.

However, this type of pain can come from the hip or the femur bone as well, and it is often difficult to discern the difference between all of this -- so your doctor may want to get further imaging studies to take a look at this. So, depending on the physical exam, further imaging of the lower back or the hip / femur would be helpful.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

besides the leg pain and only in particular positions would there be any other symptoms? Would doing stretching exercise be beneficial and if so which ones? And going by your suggestions what is the potentional cure or correction to this problem?

Well, the primary symptom of all of the above would be leg pain and/or numbness in the front of the thigh.

Stretching can be helpful if the issue is a muscular one, but I'm not sure that is the case here.

The potential cure would be directed at the issue causing the symptoms, and we still haven't found this diagnosis. So, I would start by discussing this with your doctor, and perhaps by seeing an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation.

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