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I suffered from Optic Neuritis. My MRI showed approximately

Resolved Question:

I suffered from Optic Neuritis. My MRI showed approximately 30 lesions however my LP results were negative for Oligoclonal Banding, therefore, no immunoglobulins therefore no inflammation of the CNS.
However, I was then sent for further blood work at an MS clinic in London, Ontario in Canada which is where I live.
There were about 10-11 viles of blood taken - what were they testing for? I remember some tests dealing with DNA material. Lyme disease has already been ruled out, B12 was tested and is fine - so what other tests were run.
Nora Strausz
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 4 years ago.



It's going to be a bit tough to know exactly what they tested for, because we'd have to know exactly what your doctors were thinking of other possible diagnoses.


So possibilities:


serum IgG antibodies (NMO-IgG) - looking for Devic disease

antiphospholipid antibodies

antiribosomal P antibodies

antinuclear antibodies



complement levels

B1,B12 levels


ACE levels

as well as the standard CBC, chemistries, etc.


These could be looking at conditions such as Lupus, Sarcoidosis, and other potential conditions which could cause inflammation of the optic nerve.


Unfortunately, without knowing exactly what they were thinking, this is only a guess

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