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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Neurologist (MD)
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my husband has had a headache for the past 5 years ever since

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my husband has had a headache for the past 5 years ever since he started taking pills for colesterol. He has had all kinds of tests done and they say nothing is wrong with him. He also gets severe charlie horses all night long. Is there anything we could else we could ask the doctor to look into.



Has he simply tried stopping the cholesterol medication for a couple of weeks to see if the headaches are related to the medication?


Where are his charlie horses -- in the legs, or somewhere else?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

he has not he is worried he will have a stroke. his charlie horses are all over.

Well, perhaps his doctor should let him know that being off the cholesterol medication for a few weeks will not significantly change his risk for a stroke.


That type of risk for stroke is a change over years -- not days, and so him being off the medication for good would increase his risk of stroke or heart attack over his lifetime, not within the next few days or weeks.


Given that his symptoms seem to be directly related to the medication in terms of timing, it would make sense to stop the medication and see if this helps his symptoms.


Some of these medications are known to cause muscle pains as well, and his doctor can do a blood test to see if the muscle pains are related to the medication.


In addition, another medication can be substituted for this one in the event this is the culprit.


Certainly, this is something that he should discuss with his primary care doctor as a possibility.

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