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I have a burning or feels like to me a tearing sensation in

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I have a burning or feels like to me a tearing sensation in my right arm between my wrist and elbow. It started on August 27th and has gradually gotten worse. I can reach straight up but when my arm is straight down and I reach out to the side the pain is so bad I grab my arm it makes me sick to my stomach. I went to a orthopedic doctor and he ex ray my arm no broken bones.


Do you have any of this pain into the hand, and if so, which fingers?

Do you have any neck pain?

Does it hurt if you actually use your left hand to press in the areas of pain on the right arm?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I do not have any neck pain.

If I use my left hand to press in the areas of pain it does hurt and the pain runs down towards my thumb.

Also I forgot to explain that there is some numbness and that the area of pain has increased up my arm in the last 3 days. The area of pain was in the middle of my arm from my wrist to the elbow and now I can feel pain in the elbow area in the bend of the elbow.


The way you describe your symptoms now -- pain running down the arm, into the thumb -- along with some numbness -- makes this sound like a nerve related issue.

And the way you describe it, this sounds as if the C6 nerve -- in the neck -- could be irritated. (the C6 nerve irriation would cause arm pain or numbness or both that radiates into the forearm and into the thumb.)

This is called cervical radiculopathy:

and can cause arm pain without neck pain. Given an orthopedic doctor has ruled out elbow issues, it may make sense to get back with your doctor and discuss further evaluation of this pain, which may include taking some antiinflammatory medications, or considering a MRI of the cervical spine if they feel that this fits with a potential nerve irritation.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Mark that was helpful. It does sound strange to have arm pain caused from a neck problem that has no pain. I have no reference to what or when I may have strained or cause a problem.

Well, in most cases with this type of thing - there is no specific trauma or event that precipitates the pain.

In many cases, this type of nerve pain does improve over a few weeks, but certainly if it continues getting it checked out with further imaging would be helpful.

Best of luck to you.

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