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I am a 53 year old male I have had 3 serious L5 S1 disc

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I am a 53 year old male I have had 3 serious L5 S1 disc herniations on the 3 rd herniation while still in a lot of paid I saw a chiropractor who did sometime in my back which gave me instantly numb toes side of my foot a outside of my lower leg, this numb region of my lower leg has been in constant spasm since this injury 8 years ago. i have also developed a small occasional spasm in the achillies tendon of my other leg, I have a slight weakness in my numb foot and atropy of my numb leg this has been so for the 8 years also. I am terrified that it might be ALS. i have read so many contrasting things regarding ALS and twitching, my GP tells me this is normall for the spinal injury that I have. But my fear is everytime i get a twitch anywhere in my body I go to pieces with fear of ALS.
I look forward to your reply.
Many Thanks Paul ( UK)


Please try not to be worried about ALS.

ALS is a very rare condition, and affects people generally older than you are. You have a very common reason for twitches in your leg -- that is the nerve root irritation by the disc herniation at L5-S1, which can affect the muscles down the leg, including the areas in the back of the calf, which is why you probably have felt those spasms down in the achilles tendon area (which is S1 nerve territory).

If you would have had ALS -- the twitching is associated with progressive weakness in the muscles -- which you obviously have not progressed in the past 8 years -- and so these twitches are not related to ALS.

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