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I really would like someone a neurosurgeon spinal doctor to

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I really would like someone a neurosurgeon spinal doctor to answer this question.
This is my MRI results.
C2-C5 all demonstrate central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy and no neural compromise.
C5/C6 left paracentral disc extrusion with mild unconvertebral joint &facet joint hypertrophy. Dimensions of disc are 11x2.2x6mm (transverse x AP x cranio caudal) Moderate to severe left foraminal narrowing with potential to impinge C6 nerve root. Mild spinal canal narrowing.
C6/C7 central disc protrusion with mild unconvertebral joint and facet joint hypertrophy.The disc just contacts anterior aspect cervical spinal cord. No neural compromise.
T5/T6 small right paracentral disc protrusion with annual fissuring and contact and mild flattening of right anterior aspect thoracic cord. Neural exit foramina and spinal canal adequate. Scoliosis convex to left centered at T5/T6. Normal signal
I have been reviewed by an orthopaedic spine specialist and he has said that there is nothing in my MRI films that alarms him or warrants surgery. Though he only looked at my films and did not read my report.
I did have intercoastal nerve pain for 1 week but that went away luckily. Sometimes I am unable to lay on my back because of how much it burns and aggrivates the disc and causing burning and discomfort.Also sometimes my hands sting (both of them) sometimes only 1 stings. No weakness or other problems except alot of discomfort.
I am concerned about the thoracic disc and am wondering if the radiologist report is saying that it is compressing my spinal cord?? What can I do?
Thank you
Just based on the report here, the worst issue is probably the C5-C6 bulging disc, which is probably "pinching" the left C6 nerve root. This could cause pain that radiates down your arms into the thumb and index finger.

The thoracic disc bulge, at least by the report, is nothing to worry about. There is a bulge, but the report mentions that the neural foramina and canal are adequate -- meaning that they are open, and the nerves and spinal cord are not getting compressed. While the disc may be "touching" the front part of the spinal cord, it is not compressing the spinal cord, so there it is probably not causing any symptoms.

If your main symptoms involve the left arm down to the hand, then the MRI report would explain your symptoms.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your answer it's very reassuring to me. My main symptoms are pain in centre of back (where bra hook is) and going into left shoulder/arm. Not always in the arm, mostly in the back. As I mentioned at night I sleep on my side because lying on my middle back hurts. Is this still consitent with the C6 nerve root? I did have intercoastal pain for 1 week but that went away.

Is this thoracic disc something that needs monitoring in case it moves? Meaning do I have to continue to get MRI's because this MRI is 16 months old but things are no different since I had it done really. I was in a car accident 16 months ago and had to have this MRI done due to pins and needles in my arms and back.

Thank you!!

If the symptoms are in going into the arm, that is not the thoracic disc.

These do not typically need "monitoring", as it is rare that they actually get large enough to press on the spinal cord.

If you are having pain into the arm - and that it seems related to the pain in the upper back, then it could possibly be related to C6, though C6 more typically is a bit higher up, in the neck area.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr. Mark, are you still available?