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My 21 year old son has had three seizures. The first one

Customer Question

My 21 year old son has had three seizures. The first one occurred Thanksgiving 2010, the second one occurred in January 2012 and another one today. Each time he doesn't remember what happened, he is very disoriented immediately following with vomitting, soreness in his leg muscles and he has biten his tongue. Each episode is followed by a bad head ache. I have asked him if he can remember anything he had done or ate different from his norm and each time he just tells me he hasnt eaten or had anything to drink for a prolonged period. His paternal grandmother was diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago. He has no insurance and we have no money for a nuerologist and all the expensive testing. I really dont know what to do but I feel like this is an urgent matter. I would just like to know is there an underlying cause that he can try to avoid?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrBrain replied 5 years ago.
DrBrain : Hello welcome to just answer.
DrBrain : Unfortunately there is nothing one can do to control seizures except to be on anti seizure medications. As he describes that he gets these seizures when he is hungry for prolonged period of time so you have a clue that this hunger is a major trigger for seizures.
DrBrain : As his grandfather had epilepsy he may get diagnosed with one too as it can be heridetry.
DrBrain : If you don't have insurance you can go to county hospital as you would not need any insurance.
DrBrain : As having seizures is not a good thing as it will damage his brain. He needs to get tested by EEG and needs to be on anti seizure med.
DrBrain : If you have no further questions than please press the accept button. Thank you.