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I have had left side pain, arm, leg and chest pain a few time

Customer Question

I have had left side pain, arm, leg and chest pain a few time in last two years.
Recently, October 2011, chest pain, was trigger by allergy to incense, two hours after allergic reaction, chest pain happened, keep quite for a few hours, chest pain gone.

December 2011, chest pain happened after I packaged stuff (bent to work on the floor), it didn’t last long, had a rest, it’s gone.

20th Jan 2012, left leg sore and numb on the way to China, too long to seat in the airplane, but never happen in previous travel!

28th Jan 2012, brain blank in one second, fell to left side,

29th Jan 2012, had chest pain, it gone in half hour time.

3rd Feb 2012,
Went to Altitude of 3000m, a mountain in China, had altitude reaction, (dizzies, soft leg, hard to keep balance, very weak)

5th Feb, 2012, mountain airport, 3000m high, as have to wait for two hours, very bad altitude reaction: breathe difficulty, chest pain, sore arm and leg, left side, eyes not clear, hard to keep balance and move, no energy to speak, heavy head, with a girl’s help to get into airplane.

Recovered three hours after arrived to another airport, at sea level.

7th Feb, Altitude 2450m, second day in this place, get up in the morning 10 am, felt breathy difficulty, tired, after breakfast, no energy to talk, to move to have a shower. Chest pain, sore back, half body sore, left side. Hard to keep balance, two hands were very very cold.

When I have to move, I walked like 90 years old, oxygen helped,

The third day, ok, nothing wrong.
Fourth day, same thing happened like the second day, took taxi to airport.

As the condition worse, I was stopped by airport staff, had oxygen in the airport medical emergency office, had ECG, result negative, condition not improved by airport doctor. Then was refused to take airplane, and sent to hospital by ambulance,

Stay in hospital for 20 hours, intake oxygen and some medicine to soft blood vassal, condition improved. (A pair of shoes I ware in this two weeks, left side was badly broken, indicate more weight on the left side), had blood test and ECG, all negative

back to sea level, no altitude reaction, but, chest pain, left side numbed, back and neck numbed, chest pain if talk or walk for short time, left hand is cold。

Suddenly face, neck and up back freeze for about 10 seconds, in a lunch table, only eyes can move when friend on the table talk to me.

Have done following check:
For heart:
Echocardiogmm, result, negative.

Blood check,
CHOL 6.33 (ref: 3.64 – 5.98)
HDL-C 1.82 (ref: 0.7 – 1.59)
LDL –C 3.98 (1.8 – 3.4)
A1 (apoA1) 2.04 (ref: 1.1 – 1.8)
B (apoB) 1.55 (ref: 0.5 – 1.22)
CL 109.04 ( ref: 96 – 108)
MRI, and transcranall Doppler, for head, results showed all negative,

Had chiropractor checked my neck, just had X Rate for back and neck, will get result tomorrow. got referrer to see a neurologist, will make an appointment ASAP.

Now recovered, only left arm and showder, leg sore when I driving, or walking etc.

What caused the problem?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. R. Bora replied 5 years ago.
Hello JA customer.

I think the chest pain accompanied by pain in the arm and the leg are likely to be due to a blood clot in the leg which got dislodged to your lungs.

You should do a doppler ultrasound study of the legs to look for thrombosis / blood clot. check the chest for blood clot by getting a CT scan done.

You should get a test for blood clot known as the D dimer test.
Please see a medicine specialist or vascular specialist for this.

The blood test result indicates that you are having high blood cholesterol and triglycerids levels and would need treatment for this.

I hope my answer is helpful to you.

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Positive Feedback and bonus is warmly appreciated.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, Bora

I was waiting a doppler ultrasound for my leg result to reply to you.

the result is good, and also I have done Xrate for my neck and low back,

for cervical spine, "bridging osteophytes are seen anteriorly at the c5/6 level, but there is only minimal narrowing of the disc. osteophytes are seen to arise from the uncovertebral joint on the right side at this level, with minimal encroachment into the intervertebral foramen. ... slight loss of the normal cervical lordosis is noted. the apophyseal joints are unremarkable."

Lumbosacral spine:
"a mild lumbar scoliosis convex to the right is noted. degenerative charges affect the L4/5 and L5/S1 apophyseal joints.
osteophyte formation is present at the disc margins throughout the lumbar region, but the disc spaces are preserved.
the vertebral alignment is normal."

I am having treatment from Chiropractor, do you think these problems could cause the symptoms I had?

I have chest , left shoudler, arm, and leg pain every day, it is not as bad as a month a three weeks ago, but still not good. My GP think I have blood circulation problem and refereed my to see a neurologist.

there are so many neurologists in Australia here, the one my GP refereed is specialised in Blood, but he is away for quite a long time. I found one is specialised in Strock, I am not sure he is right for my problem. what kind of Neurologist you would referee?

I had treatment for cholesterol before, But this time GP said don't take meditian until I have seen aspecialist.

Why you said the blood clot dislodged to my lung? what symptom indicates that? My pain is not sharp pain, more like sore, heavy and numb.

Sorry I didn't reply you early, just thought to wait to the results.

Thank you very much!

Expert:  Dr. R. Bora replied 5 years ago.
You are most welcome to JA again. Thanks for getting back to me after sometime!

First the X ray findings on the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar) spine could be the possible reason for the constant pain in the arm and the leg. This is due to a pinched nerve, however get an MRI done to confirm it.

You can see a chiropractor or a physical therapist for this.

I thought you had a dislodged blood clot tot he lungs because you mentioned about chest pain and breathlessness in your last post. However, this can also be due to lung diseases and if possible, you should get a CT scan thorax done.

I hope my answer is helpful to you.

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Positive Feedback and bonus is warmly appreciated.