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DrBrain, Neurologist
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Can a concussion cause epilepsy? If so, under what specific

Resolved Question:

Can a concussion cause epilepsy? If so, under what specific conditions or events?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrBrain replied 5 years ago.
DrBrain : Hello welcome to just answer.
DrBrain : Yes concussion can cause seizures. Direct blunt impact on brain can result in seizures.

Does having a seizure mean you have epilepsy? Can you have epilepsy without having a seizure? Can you have a seizure without knowing it? Although I have never had a seizure before, I recently had a concussion. I saw a Neurologist who performed an EEG. He shared the results of the EEG and suggested I begin taking Keppra.

DrBrain : No having seizure does not mean epilepsy but having repeated seizures means epilepsy. No one cannot have epilepsy without having a seizure. You could have a partial seizure where you would not able to know. Your doctor prescribed you keppra as your EEG may have picKed up seizure activity.
DrBrain : If you have no further questions than please press the accept button. Thank you.

I just want to be sure I understand two things:


I just want to make sure I understand two things:


1. What has to be seen in an EEG to determine if my concussion is causing my seizure activity? Is there a way to tell by looking at the EEG results? 2. Can I have epilepsy if I only have multiple small seizures or is epilepsy based on both the number and severity of the seizures?

DrBrain : In EEG for seizure activity different type of brain waves are Noted. Waves alpha,beta, theta and delta.
DrBrain : In abnormal EEG The two sides of the brain show different patterns of electrical activity. This may mean a problem in one area or side of the brain is present.
DrBrain : The EEG shows sudden bursts of electrical activity (spikes) or sudden slowing of brain waves in the brain. These changes may be caused by a brain tumor, infection, injury, stroke, or seizures. When a person has epilepsy, the location and exact pattern of the abnormal brain waves may help show what type of epilepsy or seizures the person has.
DrBrain : Yes you can be epileptic if you have multiple seizure activity.
DrBrain : Epilepsy does not depend on severity but number of multiple seizure one has.
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