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Was in the ER on Saturday. Seeing hallos look like star

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was in the ER on Saturday. Seeing hallos look like star bursts around the traffic lights during the day. and the overcast day was very bright around traffic lights, car headlights could read the street signs ok,like usual. Not dizzy or lightheaded
I;m also 50years old
Cat Scan was ok. Ruled out a stroke too
Yesterday,Sunday low grade head ach all day. Also got a cold later in the day.
Today no head ach but vision has the hallos when reading my cell phone.Covering one eye, right eye can see ok. Covering the left eye, the words are blurry
ER doc said to followup with Neurogist but there are not in today ,holiday hours.
Well, one of the things the neurologist will evaluate is for the potential for symptoms of migraine headaches. These types of headaches can have these visual changes in the eye, and some people can describe things like zig zags, halos, starburts, etc...occurring before the headache of a migraine.

Of course, another potential issue could be with the eye itself, since you have only the symptoms in the single eye. Issues within the eye can cause disturbances of vision, and one of the most important, retinal detachment, can have issues that affect the one eye:

or can be issues with the pressure inside the eye itself, or the lens, etc...

So seeing an eye doctor, ophthalmologist, could be helpful in helping to rule out an eye condition for your symptoms.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I notice it more when 1 eye is covered. I see the halos of light with both eyes

Well, perhaps this is more related to a neurologic issue then, rather than with your eyes. But still I would want to get the eyes examined, just to make sure.
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