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My husband has had severe pressure/pain behind his left eye

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My husband has had severe pressure/pain behind his left eye for 4 days now. He's in excrutiating pain, and no medications seem to relieve it. He has tried OTC meds, plus 800mg Motrin and Tramadol, but nothing is even taking the edge off the pain. He has had a CAT scan, which revealed no masses or sinus blockages. He has seen an eye doctor to rule out Glaucoma and he just had an MRI preformed last night (no results as of yet). Can you offer any suggestions on what this may be. None of the doctors seems to think it's a migraine, so what else could it be. The pain is so severe, that he hasn't slept since Saturday night (5 nights ago).
Hello and thank you for your question.
He may be suffering from a type of headache called hemicrania continua or headaches of a similar type. Some of these headaches respond to a medication called indomethacin. In addition, there is a similiar type of headache called Cluster headache. However, cluster headaches headaches typically don't last more than 6-12 hours at a time but then recur daily. Cluster headaches respond to oxygen and migraine medications such as triptans which are given at the start of the headache.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He also has developed a buldge at the inside corner of his left eyebrow. Is this related? It just popped out yesterday.
I am not sure. If the bulge looks like a dilated blood vessel at the surface of the skin then the doctors, if the MRI is normal, may want to consider doing an MRA study too look at the blood vessels and make sure there is no abnormal connections between the small arteries and veins near his eye. Often the eye would be red also.
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