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I keep hearing this loud fluid sound in the back of my neck

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I keep hearing this loud fluid sound in the back of my neck when I am lying down. Sometimes it's not so much a sound as much as a very localized vibration/sensation like fluid rushing through a small area in the back of my neck. This has occurred ever since someone rear ended me and I had a slight (not terribly bad) case of whiplash for about a day. I told my GP about this and she tried to listen to it with her stethoscope, but it only does it intermittently (it seems like when I first wake up and am lying in bed, or sometimes when I am falling asleep in which case it wakes me up because it is so noticeable and freaky.) Sometimes it is stronger and louder than other times. Would this sound be what is called a "bruit?" My GP is ordering me an MRI of the neck.
But here's my question - I can go to any specialist without prior authorization, so, what type of specialist would investigate the blood flow in my vertebral artery? What tests investigate this? (I looked at a diagram of the neck and it seems to be coming from the left vertebral artery if it is vascular and not spinal fluid I am hearing.) My grandmother died at a young age of an aneurysm and I really want to make sure there is nothing wrong in my vertebral artery.

I would recommend an evaluation by a neurologist if you dont need a prior auth. Generally speaking the gushing sound you hear post trauma would raise more of a concern for carotid artery not vertebral but for either, MRA of the neck and head would be important (not just the neck). I would recommend getting these imaging studies done and seeing a neurologist with your films to rule out any type of injury such as a dissection post whiplash.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Would the cartoid arteries produce a sound that I experience as coming from the BACK of my neck, along the vertebrae? Just curious.
yes it can especially when you lay down.
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