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Have stem cell applications been used for subject with aphasia

Resolved Question:

Have stem cell "applications" been used for subject with aphasia ---at all, with some level of success ?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  CaliforniaMD replied 6 years ago.


unfortunately, there is no treatment for primary progressive aphasia and there is no research with PPA and stem cells.

while PPA starts out relatively focal, it affects frontal and temporal lobes and resembles Alzheimer's disease in the end stages.

it's not just Dr. B's opinion, it's the research that has shown years ago that PPA is a tau-opathy as are several other dementias.

davunetide is being studied in an ongoing tau-dementias clinical trials but unfortunately they are no longer recruting; there is one active recruting trial but it's with progressive supranuclear palsy for which the FDA gave the drug so-called orphan status.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX have not shared any "new" information. Stem cell "applications" have NOT yet been tried. Ken is willing and hopeful to do so IF "providers" convince him it's worth a try. Hoped you would tell where this may have been done or could be. Who to trust ? Ken believes there is "something" out there that, altho not perfect, could go after the Tau and at least slow the progression. This is not only some wishful thinking but a result of voluminous on-line reading. What can you recommend ?

Expert:  CaliforniaMD replied 6 years ago.

what you came across in your voluminous reading on the internet are speculations, hopes and plans.

surely if there was something available to treat or cure neurodegenerative diseases like PPA no one would keep it a secret if only because there are billions to be made.

i haven't given you any "new" information because there isn't really any new information.

if "you hoped i could tell you this was done or could be done" and you have not come across it from your voluminous online reading, i'm not sure what your expectations are.

all medical information is freely available online from proper sources.

if you want to find a "provider" by which you mean a researcher, online medical question answering service is probably no the way to go.

an academic medical center with heavy emphasis on dementia research would be your best bet.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Your answer to the question (at top of this page) is: you do not know.

I appreciate your suggestion re: contacting a med center w/ research emphasis on aphasia (as opposed to dementia). Because you're a neurologist I hoped / thought you might know which those are and be willing to refer me to specific ones.

Basically I had hoped for possible "insider information" from you. Having been a biochemist for Phizer for a number of years, I happen to know "all medical information" is NOT "freely available on line from proper sources."

Not having answers is OK. Your attitude is w/o compassion and is not OK, which my situation greatly deserves.



Expert:  CaliforniaMD replied 6 years ago.

no, my answer is "unfortunately, there's none".

i'm not sure with whom this exchange is as first and third person is being used, alternately.

i meant dementia (not aphasia) as PPA is a type of dementia, frontotemporal dementia to be more precise. aphasia is just an early manifestation.

research studies and clinical trials on humans in the US are tightly regulated and, indeed, you do have access to all available information there is.

if all you want is someone to "convince you that something is worth a try", there are conutries like China and India where you may find peple willing to "go off the beaten path" to use an euphimism here.

you could not be more wrong about your comment regarding "compassion".

however, if you want to speak about "lack of compassion" as well as lack of respect for life and suffering, let's look at Pfizer and the thousands of animals that are poisoned, tortured and destroyed by them in the name of "research".

we need more organizations like PCRM (physicians committe for responsible medicine) or we need PCRM to grown stronger and more influential.

best of luck to you.
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