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I made a stupid mistake.I applied DMSO (99.9% organic)as

Resolved Question:

lt;p>I made a stupid mistake.I applied DMSO (99.9% organic)as a pain reliever -only a few drops ONCE 10 days ago..(knee, lower back)I have since developped dizziness lightheadness..maybe abit pins needles end of a finger...Seems my erection reponse is almost absent!!..Do you think this is reversable.? i applied this DMSO only once.I must Also say i sprayed some diflucenac (voltaren antiinflmmation lotion on my back pain..)</p><p>.I was told the half life of MDSO was 45 hours..which means 10 days later..should have been flushed out of my system?i am a little in panick I could have no sex last weekend..the lheadache seems to have lessenned. little. IS there anything I should be doing tillI I can see a MD? Do I have to see aneurol doctor for this?(long waiting list for I and $$ for EMG tests etc,..)I am taking regular basis epsom salt bath, etc to detoxify.Again, do you think my condition (loss sensation?ED ) this reversable?</p><p>I was also taking diovan (blood pressure) and lexapro (anxiety) seems DMSO potentiates medications..i am anxious ...i took my dose of diovan as usual...the lexapro I took half dos because of the MDSO in my system. ON Sunday (one day after taking MSDO) took my half dose (25 mg instead of 50 mg)i thought i had taken 5 pills!!thats when the ringing in ears and lightheadness started...SO I HAVE STOPPED THE LEXAPRO.MY MD told me the dose i was taking,its not serious if i stop. No MD I have spoken to knows anything about MSDO!. I was at the hospital because my blood pressure was very high (180-130)that same week..I had bloood tests to see if any toxocity(that came back negative).My blood pressure has since stablized 130-85..regularly..with my medication..)Anyway i was all over the internet last few days..looking at causes etc and started inquiring into peripheral neuropthy symptoms etc..making myself sick from reading all girlfriend tells me the erectile dysfunction is due to my anxietey..but wasnt able to masturbate either when she was not present.Howcver if had a couple full urine eerections in morning once or twice that have lasted a few minutes..Anyway,its my ercetile dysfunction that is anxietying me most for now.!! Im afraid my neurolsympath messenger has been affected, CAn Cialis off set this condition for now?..</p>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  RH replied 6 years ago.

Using DMSO only once and that too just few drops several days ago and still having lingering neuropathic symptoms along with Erectile dysfunction is a little unusual and unheard of. If the substance was used in toxic amounts - that would be understandable. It was a good idea to stop the Lexapro because of the ED. Were you tested for diabetes - blood test called HgbA1c. Also the symptoms you are describing of can be caused by neuropathy due to conditions such as diabetes and it is important to rule it out. Using DMSO and bringing on these symptoms with excessive anxiety may all be conincidental but equally important into looking at other causes besides DMSO - also would recommend for checking B12 level, vitamin D level as well (deficiencies in these two can lead to neuropathy).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

good day

thans for yr response .im not sure if youread thougoughly but my concern in some form of neurotoxicity because i was taking lexapo- cypralex and also applied the voltaren gel on the dmso,,i understand this solution crosses blood brain barrier?

there is a company called pennsaid that uses this formula pharmaceutically but in much lower concentrations...

this morning i had a urinary erection as sometimes in morning but no sensorial satisfactiontrying masturbating did not last...

im very concerned

do you think a prescrirtpiion of cialis could physically overcome the damage done ?..

Do you think this situtation may be reversed?

i know traditional medecine does not believe in clay baths, chlorella, natural detox formulas etc..but is this something that i should consider or is my situation going to stay or worsen.?

in the last few days on the internet i have read about cellular apotheseis, peripharal neuropathy due to nerotoxicity etc and this is what im concerned about,

is this reversable with time?

OR..other scenario....


LEAD TO SOME FORM OF SEROTONINE SYNDROME with the msdo which potentiales medecine?that im still experiecing effects? i remember when i took half my dose-because i knew dmso potentiates medecine-! the next day 25 mg instead of 50 mg .it felt as i had taken 10 pills!(mild dizziness, blood pressure shot up, ringing in my ears etc..)

is these any way i can reverse all these symptoms??

many thanks for yr help andclarification

Expert:  RH replied 6 years ago.
Using DMSO with pennsaid and lexapro and voltaren gel even all at the same time would not give this type of complication as an acute presentation - yes if you already have any underlying risk factors for neuropathy then it can exacerbate the symptoms. It is ok use Cialis as long as you dont have any other medical problems including any heart problems and currently not using any medications. Before using any traditional medicine, I would recommend full blood workup to rule out any other possibility and this blood workup should include ESR, CRP, CBC, CMP, ANA, HgbA1c, Vit d, B12, Lyme, UPEP and SPEP (urine and serum protein electrophoresis).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

can i ask you what yr qualifactions are?i am not asking you this in an arrogant way

are you not concerned about neurotoxicity in my situation as described?

is it worthwhile for me to make an appoint with a neorologist to pass various various neurology tests? (nbeut tehre is long waiting list in public sycte, in canada )

i was at hospital the day afrter the dmso was applied becuase of unusual high blood pressure 9certainly the interaction in blood with the medecines mentionned. and the blood tyest were normal, they nlet me go same night. i presume they did the tests you are talikng about?

Expert:  RH replied 6 years ago.
I am a board certified neurologist and I am not suspecting a neurotoxicity from all the information you have provided me. While you are waiting for the neurologist to see you, you can have the above blood work done if your primary doctor can write it for you. These blood tests are normally not done on ER visits - they are special tests - done only when something like a neuropathy is suspected. If you can obtain the record of your blood test, we can go over it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thank you very much for yr assurance!

youve helped my mind ..

If it wasnt for my erectile dysfunction last weekend with girlfirend, i would not be in this anxiety panic mood

Im surprise im unable to even masturbate after this incident

I know the lexapro in high doses can result in this but i never encountered this situation taking 5 mg daily for last 6 months

The only thing i can think- if you are ruling this neuropathy out- (i did read a post hwver that a NSAID combined may msdo MAY lead to periphal neuropathy)

is that the dmso really maxed out the 25gr lexapro efficacity and left me with some after secondary effects....(light headiness , slight dizziness ,ercetile dysf.)

do you know the half life of the lexapro how long it can be in my blood after stopping it ?(having taking it for last 6 months)

I have stopped taking it after this incident but i hope my worrying in last 8-9 days isnot putting me at risk of relapsing ..,.id like to start taking it again at small dose only for this purpose..but im a little apprehensive to take any medication right now withe my last dmso interaction

Thanks for yr feedback

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

to follow up on my last message, i know im possibly over anxious about all this... but... i did read over the- natural medecines comprehensive database-that the drug store printed out to me last week:

dmso-mechansism of action

evidence also suggests dmso slows the conduction of c-type nerve fibers which might explain its analgesic affects - ref 6329

---------------what are c type nerve fibers? and any relation with my condition

---------------with yr knowledge this action would be reversible?any permanent damage to my nerve system..?

dmso also increases histamine release from mast cells which is thought to be responsible for the eosinophilia and hypersensitivity reactions associated with its use (ref 6324)


Expert:  RH replied 6 years ago.
c type nerve fibers are pain fibers and any drug acting on that gives an analgesic effect, that would not lead to ED which is mostly autonomic nervous system dysfunction and also histamine release from mast cells may cause urticaria type of picture (hives) not neuropathy - that is what they mean by hypersenstivity. I would give Lexapro to get out of your system a total of 2 weeks from stopping it to get rid of all its side effects if any and i would recommend that you dont use any antidepressants which are of the same class such as Celexa and prozac.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i googled nerve damage -under wikipedia -i know thats not the bible;;;which lead me to a paragraph about neorostatis (?)and one of the things were: accidently applying local analgesic accidently going through the blood stream. I did not apply benzocain, lidocain but an antiflammatory spray (voltaren) (thru msdo) .Symptoms and effects i read were pretty scary: (BECAUSE i have a couple of these:ringing in ears but i also have had that with eeffects of lexapro) ...and they also mention ED!, perspiration system etc...

i dearly hope this is not my situation..

Expert:  RH replied 6 years ago.
Dont worry its not your situation, the more you google this, you will get yourself further panic - i would rather be proactive and search the right cause of this problem by investigations (tests) i mentioned above rather than getting yourself worried over neurotoxicity.
RH and other Neurology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi do you have an alternative to lexapro?

I have started agai because i had headaches, and started feeling weird in my head..due all this anxiety....

Ihate myself for having over reacted!You were right it seems

my MD saw blood results and told me everyting was nomal

As Imentionned to you had been taking cipralex -(lexapro in US) in last 6 months nightly at 5mg..

.I had started taking last October when busneess stress occured , wasnt sleeping

and remebred it had helped me 3 years ago when i took it for a similar issue

I weaved myself off it in a couple months )

With dmso in my system 12 days ago I took only 2.5 mg, a day after taking my usual 5mg and had quite a reaction!

(and its not because i spilt the dose because many days i simply forget taking the drug)

so because of this reaction (mixed with diovan andvolteren in my sytem of course)

i had completly stopped till day before yesterday..

I started again at a test dose of 1.25

because i remembed my reaction at 2.5 mg

and currently have headache and full head

(could also be cause by the exagerated stress in last week )

but the medecine seems tomake things worst even at this small dose!

Can you tell me what you think happoenned during that 2.5 exposure with dmso in my system? it felt like i had taken 50mg!

and i think i still feel the effects.were some vessels over sensitiezed for me to feel the way i currently feel?, How long to do you think this will go away becasue it is affectying my quality of life and think im starting slight depression again

I never had any side effects that bad at 5mg.and im having stonger effects at

approx 1.25mg

(and i think you mentionned o me at this stage

with blood life of dmso ,12 days later, i would not have any dmso in my system anymore)

howvere with all my worryng and diffuclty sleeping

in the last week (I sleep with 5mg zoplicone

total 5 hours)Ill probbaly take half xanax on top tonite to try get 7 hours

Many thanks for yr professionalism and kindness