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During a severe coughing bout or daefication ( I have a

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lt;p>During a severe coughing bout or daefication ( I have a spastic bowel) I have a severe burning sensation in my chest and down both my arms. My hands and feet turn blue and I go into a cold sweat. I often feel as if I want to faint. </p><p>I am on tegretol and rivotril for the temporal lobe epilepsy. </p><p> I suffer from severe migraine, especially after a seizure.  My seizures are atypical.  Petit mal mainly.  Always have seizures at 02h00.  These are more severe and generally follow a very vivid dream, with vivid colours, sounds and smells.  Do not have auras. </p><p> Have had migraine since age of 4 years.  Epilepsy only diagnosed two years ago. </p><p> Primary problem ( chest pain ) always followed by a migraine.  </p><p>Have constant headaches made worse by sneezing, coughing, lifting something heavy, sex, bending to do up shoes. </p><p> Chest pain something new.  Only the last two months.</p>
Have you ever had:

1. Your heart examined with EKG, stress test, etc?

2. Neck pain? Or your neck examined for potential issues?

3. Can you describe exactly where your headache is on your head? Is it primarily the back of the head? Or elsewhere?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have not had a EKG or stress test.

I have not had my neck examined.

My headache starts at the back of my neck but the worst pain is behind my rigt eye. The headache is vascular. Pain comes and goes with heart beat. Often accompanied by yawning, runny nose, pins and needles around my mouth and down my left arm and in both my hands. If becomes severe I have epigastric pain, nausea and severe vomiting. I also usually have a loose stool just prior to vomiting. Once i start vomiting, I have the severe, burning chest pain and pain down both arms. This is accompanied by cold sweats.


Do the chest pains only come after the vomiting episodes?

Or do they happen at other times as well?

And is the pain in the arms after vomiting similar to the symptoms you are having with your headache symptoms involving the arms?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The severe pain is only after vomiting and during a severe coughing bout or if I have severe diarrhoea - spastic colon.

During headaches I have pins and needles, during the episodes mentioned above I have severe burning pain in my chest and arms. If the headache gets to the stage where I am vomiting the pain sometimes becomes severe, but not always.


Now did you have a specific question that I could address?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

What is causing the severe burning in my chest and arms? The pain is severe. It is a very frightening experience and takes some time to pass. Unfortunately I have never been near a hospital when it happens. Often the pain is subsiding once I get there. I am generally very pale and drenched in perspiration.

I am hhpotensive and only become hypertensive during a migraine. My pulse also becomes elevated.

I have lived with migraine my whole life and there is a family history of migraine, I think I understand what there is to know about the condition.

The chest pain and pain down the arms is new.


I think there are potentially a couple of things here contributing to the pains.

It may be the vomiting itself, as the retching episodes can cause irritation of the esophagus, and the actual vomit and stomach acid can irritate the esophagus and pharyx area. This can cause chest pains, with a burning type chest pain, which can feel like it radiates toward the back and neck areas. Often times, people can describe it radiating into the upper arms.

But also with your symptoms in the arms -- it could be that you are having "pinched" nerves in the neck, where irritation of the nerves there can cause upper chest pains and pain or numbness that also radiates down both arms into the hands. If you are having symptoms that radiate all the way into the hands -- having nerve issues in the neck is a strong possibility. These can be irritated with neck movements, perhaps neck extension, such as if you were leaning forward with your head back while vomiting.

So - I would discuss this with your doctor, for further evalution. After a physical examination, they may be able to determine which one of these is more likely. Also, with chest pain, your doctor will want to do also run tests on the heart, to make sure that you are not having chest pains that are heart related. From your description here, that seems less likely. And for the neck pains and arm pains, getting a MRI of the cervical spine could be helpful there.
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