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Please advise if I need a neurologist with hollow head

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Please advise if I need a neurologist with hollow head feeling, ears that feel like they need to pop, headache (pressure) behind nose, eye area, burning stinging eyes, tingling extremities mostly in bed, right foot numb at times, bruising easily
Have been to ENT Specialist with ear problem ruled out and no solution from Primary care.
hi and welcome.

your question is whether you should see a neurologist for the symptomatology you listed.

the short answer is yes.

to elaborate why i need to tell you that tingling in the arms and legs and foot numbness on one side could have its origin in either the brain or the spine or spinal cord.

without a hands-on exam it is difficult to speculate where the symptoms originate. an exam by a neurologist along with appropriate imaging should give an answer, particularly that your ENT evaluation was unremarkable.

please ask your primary care doctor to check your complete blood cell count to further address your easy bruising, if you are not on any medications or supplements (ex. high dose of vit E) which can make bruising easy.

i hope you find this helpful.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Does this possibly sound like Sjogrens syndrome or lupis
in sjogren, dry eyes and dry mouth are common and patients often have specific auto-antibodies, as they do in lupus.

without a cheek rash, fevers, joint pain, etc. lupus is less likely although easy bruising can happen with lupus as can dry mouth.

your symptoms do not fit any one particular syndrome but a screening blood panel for autoimmune antibodies will help determine whether your body is producing them or not.

patients who have involvement of brain or spinal cord due to lupus or other autoimmune disorder often have a lot of classic tell-tale signs associated with this disorder and positive auto-antibodies.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In addition to blood work, what types of testing would be appropriate
in addition to bloodwork i would also make sure you get an brain mri and cervical spine mri.

if there is evidence of nerve problem (perpiheral neuropathy) clinically i would also do ncs/emg test.