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Brainmaster, Board Certified MD
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  ABPN certified. 6 years of outpatient general neurology practice experience. No malpractice cases
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I had a bang on the head on the 19th July, was wearing a

Customer Question

Hi, I had a bang on the head on the 19th July, was wearing a helmet at the time so no 'serious' damage done. I was concussed, but am not sure for how long, probably only a few minutes... I was pretty much immediately taken to hospital where I had a brain scan which revealed 'no problems'. Although after the incident, I couldn't walk straight, and needed assistance. I wasn't kept in hospital but went home late afternoon. I was put on a 10 day course of Tanganil and Ketoprfene which I've now completed so am not taking any medication at all now. It's been about 14 days since, and I was troubled with spinning, dizziness and constantly nauseous for about 12 days, worse in the morning. The day before yesterday it felt like I'd made a full recovery, and returned to my normal day, but that evening I had a little wine, and starting spinning and getting dizzy again the next morning. It seems the dizziness and spinning have returned although the naseous feeling isn't as prominent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and what sort or recovery time am I looking at. Would just like to add that I am a 47 year old active female and I've never had a concussion before.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Brainmaster replied 7 years ago.


It is called post traumatic vestibulopathy.....(dizziness)

may last for about 6 months (depending on the severity of trauma)

may be treated with various meds:meclizine, clonazepam, valium.

I usualy put patients on Pamelor 10mg at night for a month or so, and clonazepam as needed.

If nausea is severe - compazine or metoclopramide 10mg as needed.

If nausea and dizziness is constant - Meclizine 12.5 plus Reglan 10 three times a day.

Good luck


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

bit of a disappointing reply...

was hoping for a more positive response to maybe include the fact that I'd already 'recovered' albeit for one day, which may have given a bit more of an indication as to the length of recovery, required and the severity (or lack of), the blow I received. If this condition 'comes and goes' whether, the wine may have had an influence on the return of the dizziness, or whether this would have happend anyway. The fact that I no longer have nausea which incidentally stopped after about 9-10 days, why the dizziness was worse in the morning. As it happens I have woken up clear headed and steady on my feet today....hopefully, that will continue

Instead the response was not much more than a well wish and a pharmaceutical list!!

Expert:  Brainmaster replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately, my response reflects reality (sorry that I could not "customize" my knowledge and disease state to your expectations)

My answer is practical and to the point without "water and Bull...t"

Doctors treat patients with reassurance and pills - not with woo-doo, misinformation and promising false expectations.

This is the way I treat my patients and incidentally it was also agreed by another expert on this panel.

The pharmaceutical list reflected the severity of the condition that patient experienced after similar incidents - it customizable and adjustable to individual.

I am glad you represent the mild case and I hope none of what I wrote will apply to you.

Good health....

Brainmaster and other Neurology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My apologies....

I suppose I was hoping for an individual 'customized' response, but unless you see me in person I understand that is not possible.

In my case, maybe I was looking just for the reassurance.... without the need for further medication...?

Many thanks again for your help, and thank you for your time.

Your good health also...