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Brainmaster, Board Certified MD
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  ABPN certified. 6 years of outpatient general neurology practice experience. No malpractice cases
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I sustained a C3-C4 incomplete spinal cord injury with post

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I sustained a C3-C4 incomplete spinal cord injury with post traumatic quadraplegia and posterior and central cord syndrome . I have a narrowing of my spinal canal at the site of injury . This happenned in 1982 . I now have spinal stenosis in my lumbar region at L5 . This has caused me to lose three inches of my height . I was 6'1'' and am now 5'10'' . I also have scoleosis in my thoracic area . I am now taking 10/325 oxycodone for this . The pain is getting worse and I am not sure that the treatment I am getting is medically correct . I had a laminectomy at L5 in October of 2001 . I had a prostatectomy in December of 2003 . I have started with the following pain medications . Norco for a short time , Ultram for several months , I can't remember what was after that but it was the Drug that Dr. House is addicted to . Now I am on oxycodone 10/325 . All these pain medications have started at the weakest strength and my body has been becoming intolerant of the medication as the strength has been increased . I also take Valium 5mg tid , baclofen 20mg 3times/day , neurontin 400mg tid , amiltryptolene 50mg at bedtime . I have been on the valium and baclofensince 1982 when first diagnosed with SCI . I am sure there is another way that my treatment should continue as my spine is a mess and the pain is incredible . Please respond to me with any ideas you may have . Of course being on Medicare and MassHealth does not help my situation as far as limitations by the Government . I am also an in country Viet Nam Veteran and non-service connected . I don't think I have to mention VA care of their Veterans . Please , if you do have any ideas for me I would appreciate input . I am 63 yrs. of age and weight is 140lbs. Agonizing in Mass. , Kenneth L. Cushman Jr.

hi Kenneth

considering all of the meds you are on you only have several options:

1. keep increasing the dose of narcotics - mix long and short acting to get the best response.

2. spinal cord stimulator

and 3. (i think would be most appropriate in the long term) is to get morphine pump.

good luck to you


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I talked with my pharmacist and she said to try meperidine or oxycontin before a morphine drip . Is this feasable ? Trust me when I say I am not a drug seeker . My condition is just going to deteriorate until i am bent over at the waist at a 90 degree angle to funcion at all . Is this correct ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am still walking with a Canadian crutch(lofstrand) on my left arm and move slowly . I just feel as though I am atrophying away to nothing but skin and bones . There has to be some way of building myself up . I have maintained an average weight of 165lbs. This weight loss has just happenned in the last two yrs. The most I weighed was 215lbs. But my mobility was much better and that was about seven years ago . I really think there must or can be something done besides controlled substance medication . My insurance is not the best as you know . If I had a million dollars I bet there would be something else to do . I don't even make a thousand dollars per month and believe me it is extremely difficult to survive ! I am just a poor veteran who was in the last draft war this country will ever have !
I am being realistic and do not want to give you false hopes - oxy or meperedine or fentanyl or oxymorphone or whatever......... as i said if combo of short and long acting opioids do not work - there is not too many choices left.