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Dr. Sophie :: Neurology, Neurologist (MD)
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I woke up this morning very dizzy, to the point where I felt

Resolved Question:

I woke up this morning very dizzy, to the point where I felt like I might pass out. Also, my left eye is kind of fuzzy and has a pulling feeling to it and I feel a bit nauteous. While driving to work I had to really work at trying to keep awake, almost like I didn't have control. I have had migranes and have dealt with vertigo in the past but it has never hit me so hard all at once. Do I need to see a doctor or do I wait for it to pass? What do you think the main probem? I do see a neurologist annually for a chronic neck issue and have also seen her regarding the vertigo issues. They can't seem to pin point exactly what is causing them.
One last thing, I am experiencing some indigestion. This may mean nothing, but just in case I thought I would mention it.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Sophie :: Neurology replied 7 years ago.

Are you feeling dizzy as in things spinning (vertigo) or lightheaded - like you are going to pass out (as you mentioned)? Is it like the vertigo you experienced?

Any nausea?

Any neck pain or headache?

Any numbness or weakness?

Any hearing problem?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

When I first woke up it was both. I would say now it is the spinning sensation.

Yes I am feeling very nauseated and are experiencing the beginnings of what feels like a tension headache (feel my pulse beating with kind of sharp like pains). Certain sounds are very sharp and very annoying, like chalk on a chalkboard. I have experienced these symptoms before with migranes, even auras, the thing that concerned me was the feeling that I might pass out and the vertigo kicking in at the same time as the migrane symptoms.

Expert:  Dr. Sophie :: Neurology replied 7 years ago.
You didn't respond to weakness or numbness question. Does it mean they are not present?

Do you feel like you are being pulled to one side? Or things are spinning in one particular direction?

Any double vision or speech problem?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, I am not experiencing any numbness. Weakness only in that I feel a bit out of it and my legs feel heavy when I get up and move around, which is as little as possible if I can help it.
Expert:  Dr. Sophie :: Neurology replied 7 years ago.
What you are experiencing is not tension headache but is consistent with migraine.
What is concerning is that the quality and severity of symptoms is out of character for you.

Heightened sense of hearing can occur in migraine and migraneurs often are sensitive to sound (phonophobia).

Vertigo and significant nausea can occur in people with migraine, as you know but it also can be a sign of viral inner ear infection.

What is concerning is that in the beginning you said that you felt "almost like you didn't have control".

I would make sure you see a physician. It does not have to be at an emergency if you can get in today.

I would also consider seeing your neurologist if you have frequent migraines or episodes that occur a couple of times a month that interfere with your daily activities, to consider a preventative migraine drug.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I see I missed a couple of questions. To answer the question as to whether i feel like I am being pulled to one direction the answer is yes, like my body is being pulled to the left but the spinning goes around me from left to right. As to the speech the answer is again yes. I feel like what I am trying to say just doesn't come out right and I will actually slur my words. This is something that also happens to me quite a bit. It seems worse when my neck is really bothering me and the constant pain day after day somehow attributes to it or brings it on. Another note - I am 53 years old and menopausal. This probably doesn't change your answer but I thought I would let you know anyway.

Expert:  Dr. Sophie :: Neurology replied 7 years ago.

The fact that you feel spinning to the right and feel like you are being pulled to the left tells me that the symptoms likely have their source in the right vestibular system. This can happen with migraines, lack of blood flow to the brain (ex. impending stroke) or multiple sclerosis - just to mentiuon a few conditions.

You did not specify how long the speech slurring episodes last and when they started, you only mention an association with neck pain although I got a sense that this may be recurrent.

Hormonal fluctuations in menopause may certainly be a trigger for migraines and may change migraine frequency. Complicated migraines (aka migraines with aura), which are migraines that are accompanied by different neurological symptoms may produce speech slurring, visual disturbances, vertigo, etc.

However, your symptoms worry me enough to get a brain MRI and MRA (MR angiography). The latter to rule out a blood vessel narrowing, dissection or thickening from a condition such as fibromuscular dysplasia which affects blood vessel wall.
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