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Have dull pain on left side of face from eye to temple area

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Have dull pain on left side of face from eye to temple area and have no bad teeth eye lid is slightly dorrping also some pain on turning head in neck area Had a mengomia 18 years ago was removed and just wondering if this could be scar tissue build up pain

Can you tell me more about the meningioma, such as where it was, and how you were after surgery?

How long have you had the face pain,and eye drooping ?

Do you have other medical problems such as diabetes?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The M was in the posterior fossa pressing on the brainstem to to left and was told it was completly removed I had ataxia for about 2 years and still have a little under certain conditions but have learned how to hanlde took me about two years to get back to normal there are things I don't do any more which were normal for me but I think I get along fine and no I do not have dibates but do have high blook\d pressure and am waiting to get a stress test this coming week take thyrold as have had thyroid removed Hasametois thyroidius in 1999 also have ostio arthritas and have been taking predsone for that started at 10mg and am down to 5mg. now...Thank you

I don't think that your pain is from scar tissue, but I am not exactly sure of the source. The tapering of the steroid prednisone may be a culprit, although your dose was modest.

It is probably safe to continue to treat your discomfort with Acetaminophen(Tylenol) or ibuprofen. If your pain does not respond, worsens or your eye drooping becomes worse, I would see your doctor ASAP. Be sure to mention these symptoms at your next visit, no matter what.


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