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My hands, feet & face have been tingling since May 5th. I

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My hands, feet & face have been tingling since May 5th. I had back spasms two days after my left hand started tingling so I went to Urgent Care where they checked me for heart, stroke, high blood pressure and x-rayed my neck. No problems, I'm in good health but still have tingling hands, feet & face. the back spams are gone and I am not in any pain. What's wrong with me?
Is this both sides of the face?

Both hands? Both feet?

Do you have followup with your doctor soon?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have an appt. with my GP tomorrow. My Insurance declined his referral to a neurologist.

Yes both hands, feet and face

Did you get bloodwork done during this visit?

What about the other parts of the body, like the upper arms, neck, torso, and legs? Do they tingle as well?

What medications are you taking?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No medication. Just front of face: nose, then chin & right now cheeks. Just hands with a little running up the outside of my left arm to the elbow. feet tingle to my ankles w/slight tingles to the knees.
Are you lightheaded at all? Anxious? Trouble breathing?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Nope.....this just puzzles me! I was fine one day, the next my left arm tingled, a week later hands, face (nose then chin and sometimes cheeks) then feet. I still feel good and I'm working every day.

Well, when someone experiences "paresthesias" -- the tingling -- can come from a number of different things.

Specific patterns of tingling could help point to a cause.

For example - tingling in just the hand can be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, or nerve compression in the neck.

Tingling in the left hand and the left side of the face would be more concerning for a brain type of numbness, which can affect one side of the body.

But when you have tingling in both sides of the body, in only certain parts (face, hands and feet) with other areas feeling OK, this makes it seem like it is less nerve related.

So, other possible causes could be issues with electrolyte disturbances, low thyroid hormones, vitamin deficiencies, other medical conditions that can affect peripheral nerves, and even hyperventilation/anxiety.

So, the fact you still feel good is encouraging, but certainly further investigation would be needed, at the very least starting with a neurologic exam and bloodwork to see if there are any clues to help point you in one direction or another.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Due I need an MRI?
Well, it depends.

Just based on the way you describe your numbness -- there isn't a specific part of the brain or spine that could cause this pattern of numbness.

If it was just on one side of the body, or if it involved the entire arm on one side, or the leg on one side or down the legs on both legs -- then a MRI could be useful. But the areas of numbness you have can't be explained solely by an issue in the brain, for example, and so other testing would be done first.
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