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Tyler, MM, AAGO
Tyler, MM, AAGO, Musician/Appraiser
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
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I am a realtor and I have a client with a kawai GE 2 grand

Customer Question

I am a realtor and I have a client with a kawai GE 2 grand piano, gloss black finish. it looks to be in very good condition and sounds great. We need to know its value. Its in New Jersey.
JA: I love the notion of my brother's old guitar having a history and belonging to someone famous. Maybe you have something valuable or historical. Let's find out. Is there anything else the Musical Instrument Appraiser should be aware of?
Customer: no
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
Expert:  Tyler, MM, AAGO replied 3 months ago.
Hi, could you provide the serial number or age of the piano?
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
By the way the serial #2157625
Expert:  Tyler, MM, AAGO replied 3 months ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** into this now
Expert:  Tyler, MM, AAGO replied 3 months ago.

Thanks for your patience!

I found this piano was built in 1993 based on the serial. The GE2 model has been discontinued, though when produced, it was a 5'7" baby grand piano. Since this piano is nearly 25 years old, there will be a significant amount of value depreciation to consider. All pianos wear as they age, and that must be considered when valuing a used piano. Kawai is one of the better brands available in the U.S., and they have built a solid reputation over the years. Their quality and sound are similar to Yamaha's, though they are usually a small bit cheaper than a Yamaha, making them a better value.

Based on the above information you provided about the piano, and figuring depreciation in the used market, I would recommend a selling range today of approximately $7,600-$9,000 in a private sale. Price would vary within that range based on actual condition and local selling market. Should you choose to sell to a dealer or involve another 3rd party, expect to get only half of that range or even less. Private sales are your best way to get the most. Best wishes!

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Expert:  Tyler, MM, AAGO replied 3 months ago.

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