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Diane in PA
Diane in PA, Appraiser
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
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I have a 5 string banjo that was my grandmas. There is no name

Customer Question

I have a 5 string banjo that was my grandmas. There is no name on it. But on the back it has a gold eagle. And a sticker with number 559-12522. I have seen a couple close to it but not the same. Just would like to know what brand it is and the value.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Diane in PA replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jamie,My name is ***** ***** I'll assist you with the make and value of your banjo.Can I ask how and where you acquired it, and if you have any history on it?Am I correct in assuming that it's a 'newer' model?Can you tell me where the eagle logo is located? I know on the back, but exactly where on the back?This should help me in answering your questions. Thanks!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have attached a few pic of banjo not sure if you saw them? The banjo was my grandmother's so I believe it is older. The eagle on back is centered in middle. It's gold color. It is standing on a small branch with wigs open.
Expert:  Diane in PA replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jamie,I'm sorry - I see four pics, and one of them shows the eagle as a closeup, but I can't tell if it's on the back of the resonator or the head, so thank you for clearing that up for me.Let me do a bit more research, and I'll be back with you soon, okay?
Expert:  Diane in PA replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jamie, Thanks for the info and pictures. It appears that your resonator 5-string banjo with the eagle logo on back is a basic [generic] banjo. Probably mid-grade. I'm guessing it was most likely Asian-made (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc). Basic banjos are good for students and beginners to practice on, until they really learn how to play (and if they even want to continue to play). After all, there's no sense in investing money into an expensive banjo when you're just learning one, right? I've looked at many, many banjos (I'm sure you have too!).I just selected a few that I'd like to show you for comparison. :)Many brands use an eagle as a logo - such as the Harmony. See how nicely detailed this eagle is: The "Eagle II" Deering banjo also has an eagle trademark, but you can see it marked clearly on the skin, as well as the Deering name on the back of the head and again at the base on the front. The inlay on the headstock is fancier as well. It's pretty easy to tell that this is a very nice banjo, from a great maker. And here's another Deering that sold on eBay: The closest one I found to your particular eagle logo (at least today), was branded "Tanara"., the list goes on......I could show you 100's of comparisons. But still, if yours literally has no maker name anywhere, I'd have to say it's a rather newer Asian-made model for students and beginners to practice on.I'm not sure of the condition or the sound, but if it's in clean condition and looks basically unplayed without many scratches, and doesn't need new strings, etc. then I'd say it has a value somewhere between $90-$175. The price you'd get would depend on where and how it was sold. EX: on eBay? in a consignment shop? Craigslist? flea market? You're also likely to get more for it in a large metropolitan city than in a small town.Thanks for sharing this with me, Jamie.Do you have any other questions on this that I can help with? If not, I hope I provided you with great service today.Or if so, kindly rate me by clicking some stars.Otherwise, if you still need help, please reply to this message.I wish you the best with this Jamie.Thanks for using JustAnswer - I hope you'll come again. :-)- "Diane in PA"
Expert:  Diane in PA replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jamie,I forgot to include the most important link. This will tell you all about the class of "Asian banjos'. I hope it helps!