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saintmarys, Consultant
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
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Experience:  Co-owner of Cummings& Associates Personal Property Appraisers since 1999
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I inherited a Technics U90 Organ that I would say is in very

Resolved Question:

I inherited a Technics U90 Organ that I would say is in very near mint condition. It really doesn't look like it's ever been used but there is a very tiny nick on the left leg that you would have to really look for to see it. The organ functions fine and the seat looks brand new. I have the original Technics Owner's Guide which is copyright 1980, 1981. The Serial Number underneath reads, Model: SX - U90 Serial No: 384J6541. I'm very interested in knowing how much this organ may be worth.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Musical Instrument Appraisal
Expert:  saintmarys replied 6 years ago.

saintmarys :

Hi, my name isXXXXX will try to help you. I know that your organ is an impressive musical instrument, and in the correct hands, can be a magnificent sounding instrument. However, the resale value of an organ like this is minimal compared to the original selling price. They are just too big and bulky and there are just a good sounding digital organs on the market these days that make yours almost obsolete. Your resale value is any where from $400.00 - $700.00, and that is for local pick up or delivery without shipping costs considered (which would be expensive). In these case, I always suggest that my client's look for a charity that could use a good functioning organ. Donation value would be @ $600.00. Good luck!

saintmarys :

Randy Man

saintmarys :

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